Friday, March 06, 2009

Chatty Adie...

Lately Adie has been a talk-a-holic. Saying some HILARIOUS, completely genius things that I just couldn't keep from ya. =)

Whenever Darin, Wrigley or myself sneeze, cough, hiccup or burp.. she shouts out, "Bless you, daddy!" (or mommy or Wee-wee)
So polite. =)


Last week Darin was working in our master bedroom and he started shouting, "Darce!" to ask me something. Adie then runs through the house, finds me and yells "Darce!" herself. 3 days later she again came up to me and instead of calling me mommy, refers to me as "Darce". Um.. really cute but I've been waiting my entire life to be called mommy! I'll let it slide for now. =/

I was on the phone with my midwife the other day as Adie comes up to the ear piece of my phone and says, "Hi aunt Dee-dee!" I talk to my sister every day and I guess she thought it was aunt Denise talking time!

Another phone one.. first of all when I talk to my dad I'll greet him with a "hey, dad." Adie immediately says, "Hi papa!" I'm pretty sure that she's a genius to know that MY dad is her Papa. Way cool.

The other day Darin got her up for the day and she grabbed her baby from the crib and told Darin...
"Baby sisser"
He asked her if she was playing with baby sister and she agreed.

She also likes to talk on her play phone. She was chattering away the other day and I asked her who she was talking to. She says,
and I ask her what they are talking about.
She then replies,
I think she relates candy to my dad because we frequent a mexican restaurant after church and he always takes her to the M&M vending machine. SO SMART!

(here she is at Darin's party last week.. doesn't she look guilty?"

And the best one yet...

Yesterday I changed her poops and I told her that her pooper looked ouchie so I was going to put some cream on it. She looks up at me and says...
"Mommy kiss it?"


I will kiss just about anything on her cept for the pooper. Totally made me giggle, tho!
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Jill H said...

aww, I love the chatter that comes from toddlers! so cute that she was playing with her 'baby sisser' in her crib!

Monica said...

Hey Darcy...Monica here. I had you make a gift certificate around Christmas time. Anyway I had a favor/question for you. Could you email me please...


Kat said...

so cute! i love when they start talking, the really do say the best things!

Elaine said...

So fun...Amaya is also in that fun stage. I think they would have a lot of fun together. =) Although Amaya is kinda bossy...=)

Angela said...

It took me a long time to get used to my Addie calling me "Angela" instead of Mommy. One day, she was probably about your Adie's age, she said, "excuse me Angela Kay." To which I replied, "I'm Mommy." So she replied with, "OK, Mommy Kay." I love our girls! :)