Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nesting like a bird...

Not to be mistaken with EATING like a bird.. heck no.. I've been NESTING like a bird.

Today has been totally rainy gross and even though I wanted to go to the store to get a watermelon, we've stayed home all day. Watermelon you ask? Yeah.. our church is doing a 21 day fast and Darin and I are fasting sweets. Yeah. 30 weeks prego and I'm not doing ice cream every night for the next 3 weeks. I love you Jesus.. it's the reason I'm doing this, Big Guy! But I could really use some watermelon right now... and when I say "watermelon", I mean I'd really like to eat the entire thing!

Anywho. Adie and I have been moving closets around, hanging up pictures, vacumming and organizing all day. I even brought her twin matress up from the basement (and I wonder why I've been having some braxton hicks??? I'm not that smart...) I want to show you what we've done and get your opinion on something...

Okay, this one is just my daughter being cute. And how coincidental that she's wearing brown to match the decor of the new room? She's so savy...

Here's a pic of some of the pictures we hung up.

Hung up some of our engagement pictures that my roomdogs called "mild porn". Um.. not mild porn.. we look like SIBLINGS in the pictures.

In this one we look freaky brother/sister!!!

I look more like my husband than I do my own brother!

Anywho.. here's where I need your opinion, oh blog readers:

I was planning on painting our dressers either mossy green or white. But now that they are in the room they don't look too bad??? I think?? Or would you paint them???

Note: The room is mostly brown and blue but I'm going to put touches of mossy green in there. Cuz that's what my inspiration room had. Would the green dressers be too much? Here's an example of what they'd look like...
Oh, and our vanity in the bathroom and the corner entertainment center Darin's making for me are also going to be white so I'm not sure the green would go. So yeah.. what would you do?

#1) Leave them.
#2) Paint them mossy green and add super cool blue glass knobs.
#3) Paint them white and still use the blue glass knobs.


Sunday Darin, Adie and I became members at church. Here we are getting prayed for...

Look closely.. Adie's got her eyes closed. Such a good little prayer.

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Erin said...

I love that last picture!

Oh, and I vote for white. I think the green would probably look great, I'm just not daring in my decor. :)

Jen Allen said...

I vote for a white dresser and you can always do green touches around the room still :)

Alexander said Amen after the dinner prayer tonight and it reminded me of your post of Adie saying it at the restaurant!

Jewel said...

I say keep the dresser like it is...then it's less work...and besides it looks great.

That's the 1st thing I noticed was that Adie has her eyes close before I even read it.

What a great picture of the 3 of you!

Shannon said...

When I was prego with Sam, I ate watermelon like it was going out of style. That made me smile when you said you are craving it too.

I think the brown looks fine. So if you are bored, the white would be fun, too, otherwise, save yourself the work :)

Nichole said...

the moss green dresser was my favorite part. What is the worst thing that would happen, you wouldn't like it and then you paint it white.

It looks ok...but I think it would look more complete if you painted. But remember you are 30 weeks prego with an almost 2 year old. Don't push yourself.

The rest of the room is amazing.

Amy and Scott said...

Coming from the girl who LOVES all things green...(yes, I have like 7 pairs of green shoes and 2 green purses!)...go for the green! The dressers are fine the way they are, but they are not exactly the same style that you are trying to achieve...I say PAINT AWAY! :)

Kat said...

ok- i think you're insane for doing all the decorating and being so preggo! so i say leave it. for now. but i'lm also not a good decorater, so you shouldn't ask me ;)

and LOVE that picture with adie and her eyes closed- so cute!

Stephanie said...

I say leave it and use the blue nobs or paint it white and use the blue nobs. I think the green would be too much on the dresser. Plus the dresser looks so nice the way it is.

The Elliott's Happenings said...

After having a shop at a flea market & painting LOTS of furniture, I say if you are up for the work after you're not prego anymore, do it. :) Isaac's dresser is that color & his walls are blue up top & white on bottom. I decided on the colors & crib bedding based on the green dresser, lol!