Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finished with the Serendipity Kit!!!

Got my other page and project finished with this month's Serendipity kit!! Here they are...

(This one is for Lisa)

The kit matched our new room PERFECTLY!!!! Had to do some framed artwork.

And these two I showed last post but I'll do them again in case you missed the post! And I want you to see how much product you get in these super cool kits!!!

Get over to Serendipity and get yourself a kit, by golly!!!!
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Kat said...

you go girl!

Jewel said...

I really truly absolutely love those 2 pages!!! You did such an awesome job capturing your feelings! You are so creative! I seriously love the "Soon" page & the words you put on it! And "The Routine" page is great, for Adie to see & remember later!