Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photo Shoots and Serendipity Pages...

I got the privilege of doing an engagement photo shoot for Darin's cousin Matt and his new fiance Chelsey. They are a GORGEOUS couple and seriously.. I took almost 300 pictures and each one was just as adorable as the one before. In other fun news, Adie is going to be the flower girl at their wedding. Um, pretty sure mommy is more excited about that one than she is right now! Oh.. we WILL be having rose petal dropping lessons before the wedding comes. Don't you worry blog friends!

Anywho.. had to show some to ya! We had a blast!

Aren't they seriously about the cutest things you've ever seen? Yeah.. every time I said "Matt, kiss her".. they giggled. So fun. =)

And I did a shoot of Mr. Kahler today too.. don't you just want to eat that little guy up???

Anywho.. thanks for looking at my photography. =) I really should get a website going but using my blog is just so easy!!
Here are two Serendipity Kit pages I whipped up this afternoon during Adie's nap.
(Double click if you want to read the journaling)

Don't ya just love the colors? Go over to Serendipity to get yourself a kit asap!!!
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Kat said...

love your pages!!!!!
your pictures are awesome- go girl!

Nichole said...

love the pages. super cute pictures too. You got some mad talent.

stacydoolittle said...

Wow Darcy! Your pages are beautiful, as usual. I am so, so impressed with you photography too. Awesome job!!!

Jewel said...

Holy cow, what timing that I read your blog! Just this past Fri. we saw Matt @ Hacienda. Matt was a camper when Ben & I were counselors @ Amigo Centre. So we chatted w/him a bit. Saw the girl w/him but he didn't do any intros...so I was thinking "hmmm...I'm wondering if she's his gf?" And here you post engagement pictures!!! How crazy is that! So he's cousins w/Darin? Amanda was one of my absolute favorite campers!!!

Linz said...

Thanks so much again for doing Kahler's pictures! I love love love em!! He looks so handsome:) You are awesome, girl!!