Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tagged. The hardest one ever. And a really cool surprise shower.

Erin. You are killing me.
She tagged me and GOSH this one is humbling. =/

Here were the rules:

1. Take a picture of yourself right now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture.

2. Load the picture onto your blog.

3. Tag three people to play. Remember, if you are tagged on another blog, we will all be heading to yours to see if you played along.

Here mine are.. these were from Saturday morning. When I was too tired Friday night to take my eye makeup off before bed.

And I got my new specs on. Yeah, new one's. Cuz the DOG had 2 hours of freedom overnight the other week and he picked my old glasses to destroy. And then Darin scolded him and he peed on our new carpet. I wish I could make this stuff up, people. It was a bad morning.

Anywho, got a new pair of specs out of the deal! Adie wanted in on the action...

So there ya go. Beautiful me at 8am on a random Saturday morning. I am going to tag:

I want to see if all these stay-at-home mama's look as hot (HA!) as I do when they are at home vegging.


And in other news.. our small group threw us a surprise shower on Sunday night! One of the childless couples showed up first with pink balloons and stupid me said,

"AHHH!!! Are you guys expecting!!??"

And then they told me that no.. in fact it was US that was expecting!

Then 4 more couples showed up with a cake and presents. Gosh, we were so surprised! You don't expect a shower with your second baby so this was such a cool blessing. Especially because I got all of Adie's 0-3 clothes out last week and stains that WERE NOT THERE when I put them in miraculously showed up. Weird. SO I went from thinking I didn't need anything for the new baby to having a list of things to purchase at the resale this Saturday. Not any more! The new clothes, diapers, wipes and toys were much appreciated!

Here are so pics from the event...

And it was AWESOME that my pal Sara made the BOYS play all the games. Girls just got to sit back and laugh.

Isn't that diaper cake COOL?
Thank you guys so much for the shower... we feel totally blessed by it!!!


Jamie Lyn said...

Yeah, I don't know what it is about stains, but storing them does bring out stuff that didn't show when you put the clothes away. (Something about the sugars in the fabric fibers...or at least that's what the cleaners told me about my wedding dress if I didn't do it the "right"/expensive way!)

In my experience, the stains usually become invisible again if you treat them with stain stuff and wash them as usual. I personally love Shout gel...it may seem a little pricey, but I figure it's well worth a couple of bucks every other month when it saves my clothes...especially now that I have a preschooler who gets paint on his clothes EVERY SINGLE DAY at pre-K!

Jen Higgins said...

Not bad for 8am! I personally almost never use the computer before I've done my hair and make up, but that's only because I leave to take my daughter to school at 7:20. If I didn't have to get up and go somewhere...who knows!

Erin said...

I found all kinds of stains when I pulled out Emma's clothes for Mackenzie. Crazy. Thanks for playing - I love the pic! The diaper cake is too cute.

Anonymous said...

You look great for 8am on a Saturday! Darin looks super cute preggo too!

Jewel said...

You look absolutely beautiful! Those glasses look great on you! And of course, there's adorable Adie! I hardly ever, never wear my glasses out in public. Yes, I can hear you thinking "oh, I didn't know you wear contacts." Yup, that's right becuz you never see me in my glasses! :) Hey, I would've made the same comment too if someone walked in w/pink balloons! That is totally awesome...your surprise shower for Baby #2. Ok, those games look hilarious! Drinking from a bottle & "looking preggo." Great job, Sara for making the boys play the games!

Andrew and Denise said...

OMG you have the same glasses that I do!
Remeber what I told you about the sun-for those of you reading you can put the clothes out in the sunshine and I am told they magically disappear. I have not tried it yet but will soon. Luckily I have two of everything, hopefully they are not both stained!
i can't believe we have the same specs!

Nichole said...

I heard if you treat the stains with rubbing alcohol and then wash them the stains come out.

haven't tried it...but heard it from a good source.

Glad I won't have competition at the resale for baby girl clothes. lol :)

Linz said...

Glad we got to get in on the fun for your shower! And so glad you have more baby girl outfits!! Yay!

Rachel said...

Darcy, you look great!!! Wow!
So exciting that the time is quickly approaching :)
Awesome that you got a surprise shower! And the same thing happened to me with the stains, so weird!
Glad all seems to be going well; Adie is so big and just gorgeous!!!
Let's catch up soon! :)