Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's RESALE time!!!

Hey guys! It's time for the bi-annual Quality Children's Resale that I'm apart of!

I know some of my readers have attended the Resale because I've posted about it here on the ol' blog so I'm doing it again. This time complete with PICTURES! I've forgotten the past few sales to take pictures and well, that's just not like me! Darin took some flyer's to the teacher's lounge the other day and thank the Lord that Lindsay was in the lounge and had been there before to explain to the folks what it was like. For the Fall Resale Darin's in football and the Spring Resale he's in track season so he's never had the privilege of attending. So the pictures were for him too. Everyone always imagines a bit garage sale type look with each seller having their own space. Nope! Every one's things are all together in a very organized fashion.

This year we had a record braking number of sellers... 225!!!! Double click on the picture for a bigger look at the items. (And remember.. we are still setting up. These items may not be in the same areas when you come to shop on Saturday)

Here's what we've been doing all week.. here's Natalie checking clothes for stains, rips, tears, being out of season, etc. If it has any of the above we DO NOT accept it. We want to make sure when you buy it, the item is in great condition.
If you've never been.. I'll do a brief explanation of what it's all about:
*Sellers bring their things to the church and have a very detailed tag on them explaining what the item is, how much they want to sell it for and their seller number.
*There are ONLY spring and summer items at this sale. You'll have to come back in August to stock up on your fall and winter clothing!
*We put it out in a very detailed fashion.. all similar toys are in the same area, boy & girl clothes are on one side of the basement by size, etc.
*Buyers come in to purchase what they want and come to us cashiers to check out. We take the seller tags and organize them in a back room. At the end of the sale we add up each sellers tags and cut a check for them. It's like having your own garage sale but you don't have to sit in your garage and PRAY that people show up to buy your stuff! We sell it for ya. =)
*There is a $5 fee to be a seller and you make 90% back of what you sell. With the $5 and 10% of the sales, the Resale takes care of office supplies we need to run the sale and we gave out like $2000 of vouchers to needy families to come and shop with $25-50 gift certificates. It's such an outreach to your community!
*Things that don't sell or have stains or is in the wrong season are rejected and put into a box with the sellers number for them to pick up after the sale. Sellers can also donate their items if they don't want things back. We donate those items to women's shelters and such. (no Goodwill or Salvation Army... we want the things to stay in our community)
I think that's a good explanation if you didn't know what the sale is about. It's been SUCH a blessing to our family and I really hope you can make it on Saturday..
8:00am - 12:30pm
(Check out the website for a map to the church)
The past few sales have had 100's of people lined up as early as 6am to get in the doors so come early and camp out!
And make sure you come to my isle for me to check you out. =) I'm a cashier AND I wanna see the cute things you are buying!
Hope to see ya there!
ETA for commenter Daisy Path: (edited to add) You can bring children to the sale on Saturday. I think where you were reading on the website is about the Open House on Friday. The Open House is a time where you can come browse the items but not purchase. Lots of School Principals, Day Care Workers, elderly women in the church(ha!) and shoppers that want to make a list come to the Open House on Friday. They suggest no kids on Friday (I'm guessing) so there's not a lot of clean-up before the sale. (Um, I took Adie through the foyer where all the toys are last night and it was like torture trying to get her to the nursery without trying every tricyle out.) So yes, children ARE welcome on Saturday but you'd have more fun coming on your own, that's for sure!


island girl said...

wow darcy this is amazing!! i wish i lived close by so i could check it out for guys did an awesome job setting this up!

Elaine said...

Awww this makes me sad. I usually go to a similar one in Greenwood but couldn't because of the baby being so small. I wish we were coming up there this weekend. I love these things. You can actually get a good deal. I've gotten so many about anything baby you can think of. Have fun. I might have to send Alice on a trip to see if she can find some things for me. Last time I went to the Greenwood one I got there at 6:30 to wait in line. Crazy =)

Daisy Path said...

can you bring your child to the sale? i was on the website and saw a thing about "no children please" but wasn't sure if that was just for the friday preview or the actual sale day. need to find a sitter if so.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this is amazing! I wish I lived closer. We have a huge children's resale here too, but it doesn't seem as cool. Consigners only get 65% back of what they sell and the sign-up fee is $15. yikes! I also love love LOVE that idea of giving out vouchers to families in need so they can purchase good-quality things for their families. Such a great thing you are a part of. Hooray! Yay!

- Fellow mom in the midwest

The Haughs said...

WOW! Sure I wish I lived closer. . .

Kat said...

wow- not at all what i pictured! that looks amazing- wish i was closer and could stock up!!!

Daisy Path said...

thanks darcy for the info! :) that's what i thought, but wanted to make sure. all of my regular sitters seem to be sick right now, so i may have to bring her in tow! it certainly would be alot more fun on my own. am going to try to make it over that way!

Nichole said...

super job explaining darce....can't wait to shop tonight.

Laura Read said...

Thanks, Darcy, for always keeping us all updated on the resale info. It was nice to see you there on Saturday sporting that beautiful pregnancy glow! I look forward to attending the next sale! (BTW, I felt the need to comment since coming out of the closet as one of your blog lurkers!!) :)