Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In other news...

Recouping from the big ol' weekend at the Resale. Man, it was busy! Thought I would update you on that and a few other news worthy things. =)
***We had RECORD number sales at this season's resale! We sold over $62K worth of kids stuff. Freakin' amazing. There was a steady line outside for hours. Our first customer showed up at 3:30am to purchase a crib she had her eye on. We think a huge reason we had so many people come was because we had all 3 major networks show up with their cameras and stick us on the 5 O-clock news. Well, and because Obama visited our county a few months back because we have the highest unemployment rate in the entire US. Yeah, something to be proud of! But the peeps are looking for deals and deals they found! Here's each station's take on the sale:
So fun.
In other news.. Adie has been in her big girl bed for the last month. She's on a mattress on the floor for now so if she falls, she doesn't fall far. =) A lot of the time we'll check on her before we go to bed and she's in the middle of the floor with her butt up in the air. I made the mistake of moving her back to her bed one night. She proceeded to stay up for the next hour and a half screaming, throwing herself on the floor and banging on the door. Darin even tried and she kicked him and screamed for me. So now if she's in the middle of the floor we leave her. Lesson learned. Somehow she finds her way back into her bed by morning!
Hanni and Anya visited yesterday and brought baby JJ a gift! The coolest part being this super cool hat Hanni made... Adie is modeling below..
So, so fun.
In other news.. baby JJ is named! The two names we had it narrowed down to both started with "J's" so that's where we got the baby JJ. (Explanation is for Dina cuz she missed it and then I realized that I may have never explained it! I'm like that... HA!) I'm not going to share with my blog friends until she's here. Unless you email me and ask because you all know I can't keep secrets! It's pretty and happy.. and her middle name is after her Papa Jim. =)
Had a weigh-in yesterday. Yep, they aren't called appointments anymore.. they are called weigh-ins. I actually stuck my back to the scale this time and didn't look at the climbing numbers. Then my midwife whom didn't weigh me to know I didn't want to know my weight gain came in and said,
"Hey! You didn't gain any weight!"
I suddenly get super happy inside knowing that I was NOT going to look at my weight the rest of the pregnancy because I mysteriously don't gain weight if I don't look. But then she said,
"Oh.. I guess you did gain 2lbs. I looked at the chart wrong."
Dang it. I still know what I weigh. =/ This part of the pregnancy gets super hard with me.
In more news last week I had 4 sets of contractions that were 12 minutes apart. There were only 4 sets and then went away which may mean:
#1. I can't mop for the rest of my pregnancy. Yep. I'm pretty sure the contractions came on because I actually MOPPED that day. Darin, sorry Babe.. you just got a new job. =/
#2. The Lord just wanted to remind me how fun contractions are and give me a little taster of what's to come.
#3. This baby may want to come out early.
Lucky #3 is what the midwife was leaning towards so she upped my appointments to every week and a half instead of 2 weeks for now. And she confirmed yesterday that baby JJ's head is very low down in my pelvic area. Which totally explains that the hiccups I feel in my crotch every night are in fact hiccups and not her finger tapping to a beat in her head which prohibit me from falling asleep. So yeah.. trying not to get too excited but regardless she'll be here before we know it!
In other news my dad got a new pimped out TV. Why is this newsworthy for us you ask?
Because we got his hand-me-down TV armoir that my mom and I picked out when I was in college.
I feel all grown up with such a pretty piece of furniture. =) Our TV looks TINY in there but hey.. it's pretty and that's all I care about. Married 4 years and a few years shy of 30 and still have never bought new furniture! Some day.. some day. =) And all the photography is of Adie Grace. I know, I know. Give me a break... baby JJ will fill 1/2 those frames in a few weeks!
In more news... Darin was clicking around on my blog one night and went to my "LIVE TRAFFIC FEED" and looked at the most popular blogs in my city. Um, I'm #2. Behind our Pastor Jim. First of all this cracks me up because they called my town a city.
We have one stop light. Scratch that.. we have one blinking 4-way stop light. Not really worthy to be called a city.
But I'm very proud to be #2 to a bible preaching, soul changing, Godly man. He's also a very competitive man. Darin also informed me that Jim wins the local most popular blog award but I have the highest global popular blog hits. Gotcha, Jim! (I'm not competitive either. HA!)

Your 9 year old son Isaiah did inform me at one of your guys' b-ball games that he's one of my blog readers. Mad me giggle because he apologized for me not getting Adie potty trained yet. =/ Crack me up! This might embarrass Adie when she marries your son because I thought she was going to.... until you preached one week about mama's not marrying their daughters off at a young age. Dang it.. I had Isaiah marked for Adie. Forgive me. =/


Anonymous said...

Wow Darcy! $62,000? That's awesome. Good for you all!

I can't wait to hear Baby JJ's name. I also agree that you shouldn't do anymore mopping for now. Dang it, I know it stinks! :)

Oh, and that's pretty cool about your blog popularity.

Have a blessed day!

Nichole said...

we are all about early babies...but make sure she stays in there for at least three to four more weeks.

Adorable hat.

congrats top blogger.

jim said...

Great blog Darcy, Had me laughing out loud

Jo Paulino said...

Blog reader here! :) Great little hat from miss Adie!