Monday, April 13, 2009

Serendipity April Kit!!!

Guess what time it is??


Time for April Serendipity Kit Club pages! This kit is jam packed (like they all are) and with it I made 3 pages, hair bows for Adie and a really cool clip/bow holder to house the new bows I made!

First page is of "Adie-isms at 22 Months" She's a creature of habit and has some funny quirks, my Adie girl. (You can see our wood flooring.. the butterfly was hanging off the page and I wanted to include him.)

Surprise Baby Shower
Here's a page of baby JJ's surprise shower our small group threw us. Just added some stitching with embroidery floss but everything else is from the kit. (The butterflies pop off the page but you can't tell from the pic) And please forgive the dark pictures.. it's super rainy here today so my natural lighting in the house is lacking.

Rub-a-dub-dub.. Adie's in the tub!
This kit was very Springy/Eastery and I didn't have our Easter pics taken yet! So I used the super cute Easter chick paper on a bath page... a pseudo rubber duck. Oh.. and the egg yellow paper behind I think look like drips also going along with the bath theme. Think outside of the box.. themed paper doesn't always have to be used for the theme it was designed for! Everything is from the kit cept a few brads used for bubbles and in the title (although those are from a previous Serendipity kit)

Here are the bows along with the bow holder I made with this month's kit. Adie calls hair things "pretties" so that's where I got the title. This will hang in the bathroom with all the million other clips and hair bows the girl has. =) Just hot glued some ribbons to the frame we got in the kit and also hot glued 2 pop tabs to the back for it to hang and wala.. a fun bow holder.

Milissa included a ton of ribbon in the kit this month and I couldn't resist making some bows out of them. They would have looked super cute on a page or two but they sure look cute in Adie's hair!!! All these bows are hot glued to hair clips (I found mine in the jewlery making section at Hobby Lobby.. $1.50 a package when 1/2 off)

There you have it.. this month's kit. It's fabulous as always!!


And I can't leave you without an Adie picture! Here are some sunglasses she got in her Easter basket yesterday. =)
And a family picture.

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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Kat said...

LOVE all your pages, and that bow holder is so cute! i really need to make one for jessica........
love the adie-ism page. i have a list of jessica-isms, just need to scrap it. i'm just too freakin tired! i don't know how you get all your scrappin done!

Jewel said...

That Adie-ism page is great! Did you mean to say grandma & grandma Yoder? Or maybe it does say grandpa & I just couldn't read it right. Wow, Baby already has her scrapbook started! You are one Mom who is so on top of things for scrapping. Amazing! Love your bows & bow holder idea. Wow, those sunglasses make Adie look totally different. But of course still adorable!

Shannon said...

I just love those Serendipity kits! Someday I hope to get to sign up for those things :)

Great creative juices this month!!

Elaine said...

Love the "pretties" holder. That is what Amaya calls them too. So cute!
I bought some ribbon to make Amaya some hair bows but haven't found the clips I want so will have to check out Hobby Lobby. I bought a hair bow for $1.99 (homemade one) and she's already pulled the ribbon off...little stinker. Definitely like the thought of making my own. Great pages too!