Thursday, April 16, 2009

For Sale

Sniff, sniff.

It's that time in our lives. It's time to sell the sedan and bite the bullet and get a mini-van. It's bitter sweet. You see.. I LOVE my car. Like more than a person should love a car. Here's a little Darcy/Accord history...

*I purchased this car ALL by myself. Newly single.. had a great job and was ready for a big girl car. My dad couldn't even come and see it and I bought it without his approval. Although the dude I was dating came with me to see it. We test drove it and I FELL IN LOVE. (Not with the dude.. the car was much more charming and reliable than this datee could ever be.) The dude coached me on what to say when it was offer time. He told me to put on my "game-face" and don't tell them how much I wanted that car. What did I do when I handed the keys over to the dealer and he asked me how I liked it?

Told him, "Oh my gosh I am in love with this car!!!"

Um, if you know me you know that "Darcy's game face" really doesn't exsist. =/ I am truthful, that's for sure. And a little dramatic if you want me to prove that I'm that honest.

*I have never been in an accident. Until the first week that I owned this vehicle. I was going to a coffee shop to listen to one of my roommates sing and I backed up into a rock. Not just ANY rock.. a serious boulder that was about 2.5 feet high. I would like to say that it was in my blind spot but seriously, who plops 2.5 foot rocks in a parking lot and isn't ASKING for people to back into it? Anyway... a $500 deductable later and I had a new door panel and my new used car looked newly used again.

*Darin and I drove away from our wedding in this car. Of course with car paint that said "Nookie Rookies" on the side & back windows thank you to my hilarious bridesmaids. We even took our time to go through a car wash (I know.. not typically the first thing you do on your wedding night) and it didn't even smear the writing a little bit. I'm sure hundreds of peeps had a chuckle as they walked by our car in the O'Hare airport parking lot for the week we were in Mexico.

* I have NEVER used the floor mats. They have always had carpet squares on top of the original floor mats. Darin makes fun of me for this car annalness but I always told him that my floor mats are going to look like new when it's time to sell this beast. And guess what? My floor mats look like new and you could be the lucky owner of a used car that has floor mats that look like new. Yep.

*We brought our first born baby home in this car. I took a seat right next to her in the back and made sure Darin didn't go over 40 the entire way home. As I cleaned it this afternoon I wiped dried milk off the back seat. Um. I wonder if that was in her projective spitting up stage when her car seat was rear facing? Don't worry.. if you are ready to buy my car (like iI know you want to!) it cleaned up. =/

I know I have some local readers so I thought I'd post the car's specifications here on the ol' blog. Tell your (reliable) friends about it because yes, I want it to go to a good home. A home where the owner won't run into a 2.5 foot boulder the first week they own it.

2001 Honda Accord XTi

-89,000 miles (If you know Honda's.. you know there's A LOT of life in this car!)
- V-6 Engine
- Leather interior
- Moonroof
-6 disk CD changer and Cassette tape playe
-Wood interior trim
- Keyless entry
-Climate control
-Volume control & Cruise Control on steering wheel
- Garage door programmable thingy (3 buttons by the sunglass holder that you can program to open your garage door)

Here are the pictures....

Ahhhh.. you know you want it. Heck, I still want it but it would be SO much easier to load my soon-to-be two daughters & all their stuff in a mini van.

I'm getting ready to go put it out by the road and list it on Craigs List. Dad went back to Washington with my sister so he's letting us use his mini-van for 10 days. A little test to see if we really will enjoy a van. I know I will.. just can't believe it's time to be a mini-van mama!

Email me at darcyholsopple@gmail.comif you are interested!
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