Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She's gunna be like daddy in more ways than one...

So yesterday and today I've had contractions that are anywhere from 10-15 minutes apart. Like contractions that I have to BREATHE through.
They hurt.
Yeah, didn't have those with Adie til 5-6 hours before I birthed her. Last night I had an hour and a half of contractions that were anywhere from 6-10 minutes apart. Had some other little signs of labor so I finally packed my bags and really thought it was time. So I went to bed figuring I'd wake up with the labor pains and head to the hospital, right?
I woke up 3 times to urinate.
No contractions.
Why in sam-hill did they stop? I'm really not a sound sleeper so I know it's not that.
I'm finally getting pretty frustrated that I keep thinking I'm in labor. I feel like one of those cronic prego women that gets sent home from the hospital nummerous times. With Adie.. seriously the day of her birthday I woke up with back-pain, went to my normally scheduled apointment where they told me I was 4cm dialated and was going to have a baby that day. I'm pretty sure I would have had no clue until they TOLD me she would come that day.
This baby doesn't want to roll like Adie Grace.
So sweet Darin this morning tries to cheer me up saying that Baby JJ isn't just going to be skinny like him (HA! He didn't say that.. just had to get it in one more time) but she's going to be a tad bit scatterbrained like he is. (He's always loosing things.)
She's in there nice and toasty with her head jabbed in my pelvic bone thinking...
"What was I going to do yesterday? I know I wrote it down somewhere here on the walls but I can't remember if it was closer to mommy's intestine or bladder... OH! I know! I was supposed to be BIRTHED yesterday! Oops! Totally slipped my mind."
Oh well.
She'll come when she's ready. It's just hard that Adie was early. I was hoping that she and Adie would be uterus-ly competitive and she'd come at 36 weeks and 5 days.
She's like daddy.
Skinny and scatterbrained.


Jill H said...

maybe this means she'll be more laid-back?? Xave was 10 days over, had to be induced, and is more laid-back. Maria was a week early and has always been more challenging. so maybe she's just comfy and laid-back, hanging out in the uterus :) I'm sorry Darce, I know that's so hard to keep waiting and have contractions start and stop :(

hang in there :)

megan said...

I had the start and stop thing happen so many times with my daughter! More than once, I got up in the middle of the night, paced, timed, laid down to try and get some rest because I just KNEW it was coming...only to wake up the next morning STILL pregnant. It gets old fast. Hang in there! She will be here so soon!

Oh, and I thought I would mention that my water finally broke, on it's own, 2 days before my due date in the middle of Wal Mart. So it can happen anywhere, at any time!

The Haughs said...

I think you should go to the Vera Bradley Sale and run around with the crazy ladies. Wouldn't it be super cool if your water broke there? Maybe they'd give you a free bag or 2! :)

Linz said...

Thanks for the laugh today:) Read your funny 2 posts @ 3:00 and had me gigglin' to end the day! So sorry JJ's not out yet though!! SOOOON! Oh and adie's french braids are so adorable!!

Stephanie said...

Doesn't it make you feel stupid that you can't tell what real vs. false contractions are? Like, "HELLO, I've had a baby before. I should know this!!!" Well, I felt that way. I had no clue with ANY of mine whether I was in labor or not. You think I would've with #2 or #3, but no. Not so much. Hang in there. She will be here before you know it! Can't wait to see pictures!!!

Kat said...

i know, it totally sucks!!!!! different baby so different pregnancy. not the best advice, but thats what everyone keeps saying to me!
maybe our babies will have the same bday :)

Kathryn said...

"Uterus-ly competitive". I like that phrase! I might have to use that sometime! BTW, I also had a HARD time waiting for my 2nd baby to be born. My oldest was born at 37 weeks and he waited until 38... an entire extra week. - hope she doesn't make you wait too much longer!

Anonymous said...

I think it's good that she's stayin' in there! I mean, I know you're anxious and all, but it's best for the baby! The longer they stay in there, the more they have time to develop the last things--like their lung development!

sarah said...

lol..that made me smile, out of all four of mine, i have had 2 weeks early, on time, 2 weeks late and 1 week there wasnt much in the way of uterus competition going on with my lot!! It is hard when you have had an early baby first and then get a bit of a 'stayer' for the next one...!!
Hope she comes soon.