Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It was a monumental day yesterday...

in our household.

No, still no Baby JJ.

Adie let me french braid her hair.

You see, I was a gymnast. I also was a gymnastics coach for 5 years. There is a pre-requisite that you are able to french braid if one is either of these two. So you can imagine my excitement when yesterday came.. the day that Adie sat still enough for me to braid her hair. I need to give credit to the Elmo Potty Time DVD... not sure she would have sat still without him. So yeah, my little girl is old enough for braids, sniff, sniff!


Saw the fabulous Brooke at Natalie's birthday party on Saturday whom told me about these adorable pops.

Thanks to her I am now feeling all Martha and want to make them for Adie's 2nd birthday.

By show of hands, who thinks I am crazy to take on this task? (Go read the instructions and see that it's a simple but kinda a lengthy process..)

By show of hands, who thinks I should make the cutie head mini cupcakes or Elmo heads?

I'm pretty sure Adie would vote Elmo. So I better do Elmo since it's her big day and all. =/ And I can make these soon and freeze em so that would be a bonus to have them finished before her day. Yeah. I think I will.

I'm crazy loco, I tell ya!!!


Kat said...

so cute! and yes, you're crazy for doing it- but got to keep yourself busy while waiting for baby jj!
didn't see the french braids, but i bet they're cute :)
and jessica loved that elmo potty video, too. kinda made me laugh as well ;)

beachy keen said...

yay! :) Aren't they so stinkin adorable?! Can't wait to see your finished product...I'm sure they will be awesome, either way. And yes, you are a tad crazy for doing them right now, but maybe they'll take your mind off of the baby not being here yet ;)

And I totally agree...we need to hang out, I'm certain we would have a great time. :)

The Davis Family said...

the braid pictures are not showing up :( i have been waiting for this day!!

nichole said...

those cupcake ops are TOO cute! & i'm thinking of you & the arrival of baby JJ!! so excited to see her! :)

Nichole said...

totally cute..but you are crazy to try while prego with a two year old. or with two kids.

but if you could do them ahead of time in shifts maybe worth it.

couldn't see the pics...bummer.

Amy and Scott said...

Awww...her first little braids! So cute! Soon you'll be able to braid em so tight she'll have little asian eyes. :)

Hope Baby JJ arrives soon! I can't wait to see more pics of another little Holsopple cutie!


Jo said...


Your family is beautiful! I have been a blog reader for a while now. Will you share will me how to add people I the sidebar, i'm extremely new to this. I actually posted my first blog today on blogspot! :) I want friends on the sidebar now, just now sure how to do it!! Thanks girl! Can't wait to see pictures of baby J

Jo said...

Or Darcy,you could email me on how to do it, if you will.


I'm actually at work right now, FREE TIME! :) I would appreciate your help!! your wonderful.

Milissa said...


There is a lady that I follow ... her blog is great and she does tons of pops like this ... she's done everything from hello kitty to easter stuff ... check her out ... she usually gives detailed instructions on how to do them ....

Plus I thought maybe you might be able to find Elmo heads on there! LOL

Here's the link to her blog: http://bakerella.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I've been stalking your blog for a while (I knew Darin from high school and found your blog through a friend of a friend) and think your ideas are so fun. Thank you for the link to Bakerella--definitely in my bookmarks now! I love those cupcake pops; no idea what I'll make them for but I'm dying to!

Amy (Sommers) Biedenbach