Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2nd Birthday's, a new ride and Joya's first photo shoot..

Okay.. that was a long (and totally lame) title! Sorry! The lack of sleep is toying with my blog creativity. =/

A lot has happened since my last post! Adie had a 2nd birthday on Sunday. We had a party Sunday night for the fam and she got some fun new toys, clothes, a wagon and a tricycle (which she calls a "mo-cycle") Do we see a pink Harley in her future??? I made the cupcake pops into Elmo heads but didn't take a picture of them. (I know.. I'm fired)

Here she is with her bubbles...

And yesterday playing with her "bu-fly" wings and wand...

(Like the Elmo sticker knee patch on her knee?) It's from the Dr.'s office. She weighs in at 30 lbs!!! She's in the 90th percentile for a 2 year old's weight and in the 50th percentile for height. (That first picture I posted.. the pants are supposed to be guacho's..) Poor girl is inheriting mama's build!!!

So yeah.. can't believe we have a TWO YEAR OLD! Time is seriously flying.

Drum roll please... introducing, my NEW RIDE!!!

Traded my sunroof for flip-out back windows...
my 6-disk CD changer for a DVD player...
my climate control for 10 cup holders...
and traded my pride in for room for my family.

I'm a mini-van mama.

Kayla tells me it's sporty and more SUV-ish and one place online said it was a sport utility vehicle and not a van. Let's go with either of those classifications.

I'm a SUV-ish/sport utility vehicle wana-be mama.

That sounds better.

I cried as I drove my Accord from the dealer to lunch on Friday. I admitted to Darin that I had a good cry and he tried to hold back the laughter. =/

And Darin and I were talking. Pretty sure we are destined to drive a mini-van for the rest of our lives. Soon we'll be car-pooling preschoolers to school, lugging baseball mits and (hopefully) bar grips, middle school friends to the movies, then all their crap to move into their college dorm and then hopefully tote around grandkids. We are NEVER going to get out of a mini-van.

And I can't forget Miss Joya!!! She's been doing super well. She had a one week appointment (instead of a 2 week appointment) on Friday and she was already 6lb 14oz and the Dr. didn't hear the heart murmur they detected the day she was born. Praise God! It seems as tho her little heart chamber closed on it's own.

She's a great little nurser and in two days we are going to start transitioning her to her crib. The first two weeks of my girls' lives I go into survival mode... I do whatever works for bed time and naps. So far all her sleepy time has been in the bouncer and swing. Wish me crib-luck!

Don't you love her double chin! She's got super skinny arms, legs and super funny bowed legs. (so far like Daddy!! He was right!) We're still enjoying her a ton. =)

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Niki said...

I agree...the "mini van" look more like an SUV!! That's awesome, maybe the red color is what makes it seem more sporty?

I love Joya's pictures....she's so cute....she looks like a dark-haired Adie!

A is getting so BIG...she's so beautiful! I love the butterfly wings too!

Erin said...

Definitely looks more suv-ish. What is it? You'll love it though, seriously, I love my minivan. So much room! Happy birthday to Adie! And Joya is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The girls are both gorgeous. I just want to pick up Joya and sniff her little head!

I agree with KA. I honestly thought you got an SUV when I first saw the picture. It doesn't look mini-vanish to me.

Shelly said...

I LOVE Joya! She is just precious! Adie looks so big and she's going to seem bigger every day now that you have a newborn! Good luck with the crib!

Linz said...

Happy Birthday to Adie!! Hope the party went well:)

LOVE the pics of Joya! I love the print she's laying on in the 2nd pic...so cute:) Hope she starts more snoozin' for ya soon! Good luck with the crib transition!

Nichole said...

Happy birthday adie!!!look out mama..you have a two year old on your hands.

that really does look less like a van..and sporty red...

rev said...

ahh sweetie, Adie looks gorgeous, happy birthday already! And miss Joya looks so dang cute!! just like mommy :D

Jill H said...

aww, Happy 2nd birthday to Adie! super cute pictures :) I think your mini-van looks very cool, but I drive a Freestyle, which is basically a station wagon! I think the red makes it look sportier than a mama's car :) your girls are beautiful!!!

ellemieke said...

Oh my, look at how big Adie is getting and look at that sweet litte Joya...you are blessed, sweetie!

the swope family said...

Joya is b.e.a.utiful!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Awe, baby girl is precious!

Congrats on the new SUV and Happy Birthday, Adie!
WOW on her stats.. she doesn't look that big at all.
My little guy will be three the end of next month and he was 31.4 when weighed a few weeks ago and that was with clothes on so they're about the same size.

Congrats on everything. Have a great weekend!

Kat said...

happy bday to adie!
such cute pictures! gotta love the stickers all over the place (maybe a future scrapbooker like her mama???)
love that car- what kind is it? doesnt' look like a mini van at all!