Monday, May 18, 2009

He's MINE, ladies!!!


Nothing's sexier than my hubby with our 2 1/2 week old strapped to him in the snuggli while pushing the stroller with our 2 year old and dog leashed to the handle bar.

I feel and probably look like a turd as my husband takes on all the livestock on our walks and I carry/push nothing. I guess that's his payment for me carrying his baby girls for 18 months.

He even cleans up Wee-Wee poo when the doggie drops a load on our walks. He says

"princess's don't clean up poo!"

His eldest princess (me) sure looks like royalty in her yoga pants and t-shirts with this fun left-over-baby-weight-tire around the ol' waist that makes me feel like a trucker. =/

But isn't that a sexy picture? Acutally.. don't answer that question because he's my husband and all. He's taken. =)


And how is Wrigley doing with the addition of Joya?

Um, does this picture explain it all?

He's not real thrilled with the added outside or basement time he's been getting (especially when peeps visit).

On the day that Joya was born my blog post was going to be about Mr. Wee-wee himself. You see.. the 30th was Wrigley's 1st birthday. Not only does he share his birthday with the new baby but he just doesn't understand why he can't lick her to death. That's our biggest hurdle right now with him.. yeah, and this pathetic pout face. =/
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Kat said...

oh my goodness- wriggly's face is priceless! totally looks like the jealous older sibling!

and that picture of darin is awesome- super dad! (and husband)

Linz said...

Darin definitely pulls off the "super dad" look! And that is a sweet jogging stroller btw! I need to get me one of those...walks pushing the double is lots harder than I thought! ha!
...and cute pic of Wrigley! Poor guy!

Stephanie said...

Wrigley is too cute! He seems to be handling the addition better than my dog who wouldn't come within a foot of the baby most of the time.

Too funny that Joya and Wrigley share a birthday. My dog Zoey and my daughter Olivia share a birthday too.

Dina said...

what a great hubby you have!!!! oh to be that lucky...some day, some day.

and poor wee wee. maybe aunt dina needs to come play with him and addie in the back yard soon.

love you and miss you!

gabbyfek said...

i LOVE the pic of d.
LOVE. that is perfection.
and wrigley
maxxy promises it gets better.
he really does.