Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Mayberry Parade

I grew up in a tiny town 5 miles south of where we currently live. Every year there is one thing that everyone comes home for.
No one misses it.
It's like a big reunion.


The Mayberry Parade.

It's really called Milford's Memorial Day Parade.. but seriously... you feel like you are back in the 50's on the streets of Mayberry just waiting for Barney and Andy to walk by. This was Adie's 3rd parade because she was born a few weeks before the one in 07. Lucky girl. Of course this was Joya's first parade and what did she do??? You guessed it...

Slept through the entire thing and looked mighty cute doing it!

This was the first time I brought my camera so I could share with you all and this monumental event.

Here is Adie awaiting the big parade. Papa even brought her a bucket to pick up candy that the floats chuck at ya. (And when I say chuck, I mean chuck. A few times I wanted to throw the candy back at them. I refrained.. I am a mom now. Have to set examples.)

Here is Adie watching the retired military gentlemen as they marched the flags to the middle of downtown at the very start of the parade.

And then they shot their riffles.

Am I the worst mom every for taking this picture?

She got over the riffles shooting for a few minutes to pick up one piece of candy...

And then the police cars and fire trucks came through with their sirens on. And the fire trucks were spraying water on the parade bystanders...

That was the only piece of candy she picked up. She's not so much a fan of the Mayberry parade with the guns shooting, loud sirens, water spraying fire trucks and kids hurling candy at you.

And no parade is complete without a septic tank trucks.

And there wasn't one but TWO septic trucks in the ol' parade.

What's hilarious is that their sirens were the sound of a big ol' fart.

Or it would have been really great if they would have had clear tanks so we could get a better glimpse of their services.

Or we REALLY would have liked it if they would have sprayed us like the fire trucks did.

At least they threw tootsie rolls at us.

Okay.. you all know I love bathroom humor so the 2 septic trucks in the ol' Mayberry Parade cracked me up and I had to share it with ya!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend like we did!

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Jewel said...

Oh Darcy---what a great post! So Joya even slept thru all that noise? Adie's outfit is absolutely adorable! The 3rd picture is awesome of the closeup of her & Darin. But poor Adie! I'm sure Braylon would've reacted the same way...he does not like big noises! And it does not make you a bad Mom becuz you quickly took a pic of your crying daughter. I'm sure right after the click you comforted her! Too funny about the septic tank trucks.

shiloh said...

Oh Darcy, your parade story is so funny! I love the pics of Adie:) I'll bet she'll grow up and take her little ones to Milford Fest too!

Brewster said...

I hate to miss the ol' Mayberry Parade! It's been a couple of years now, and nothing else compares with it. Thanks for making me feel like I was almost there!

Kat said...

too funny!

Linz said...

You crack me up! I love how you're so proud of your hometown roots:) Sounds like a funny, but horrible parade experience...that picture of Adie crying breaks my heart! :-( But the sleeping baby picture of Joya is adorable though, of course! Doesn't get any better than that!