Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh the things she (already!) says...

I suck at summer blogging. =/ We stay super busy with Darin being home during the day and then this whole week we've been going to the pool after nap time. And at night I should blog but Joya gets fussy from 9-10pm so we're holding her forward bouncing when I could be bloggin'.

Been jotting down some funny things that my Adie Grace has been saying (along with some funny pictures of the girls). Thought you might enjoy them as much as we have been.

Couple of weeks ago Adie was talking to my sister on the phone and she was ready to say goodbye. She ended the conversation with:
"I love you. Amen."
Guess she got confused and thought she was talking to Jesus.

This picture is of my little girl with crab feet aka oven mitts. Pretty creative if you ask me!

My nephew Brayden was in the hospital for 4 days last week with Kawasaki Disease. He's fine now but it was pretty scary.. it leads to heart deterioration so thank God they caught it in time! Anywho, I was explaining to Adie that Brayden was "ouchie" before we visited him and she asks me,
"Bray-Bray ouchie poopie?"

I guess when she thinks of ouchies she thinks of her butt hurting???


This picture is from Sunday morning before church. She fell and hurt herself before her diaper was on. She'll appreciate this picture when we bring it out on her first date.


Here's Joya's current humor. Boobie humor because nursing is a big part of her life right now!


The other week at Monday night dinner at Grandma Yoder's Adie dropped her fork and proclaims:

"Oh my gosh!"

Oops. I think she learned that one from me. =/


Usually when Adie tells Wrigley to be quiet she shouts at him,

"Hush Wee-wee!"

Today at breakfast she yelled,

"Wrigley, shut up!"

I'm going to blame that one on Darin since I claimed "Oh my gosh". =/ (Even tho that one was probably me too.)


Last night I had a photo shoot with the Carpenter's and my old gymnast Kristen came over to watch the girls. I was only gone for an hour so I forgot to tell her where Adie's diapers were. Adie had a dirty diaper so Kristen asked her where her diapers were. Adie pointed to the basket by the changing table and Kristen put one on her.

And then I got home and laughed my guts out.
Adie had pointed to Joya's diapers. Adie was sporting a g-string size 1 diaper. (she's in 5's)
The back of her hiney was the best.. cheeks hanging out and all.
Love you Kristen!
One day last week Darin slept in. Adie asked me where he was and I told her he was in our bedroom. Then she asked,
"Daddy's reading his bible?"
She's going to keep us accountable to the Word every day!
And we love this one...
The last 5 or so days when Adie wakes up... she'll greet either Darin or I with this statement.
"It's another day!"
I woke up the other day to hearing her in the monitor. She opened Joya's bedroom door, climbed up on her crib and said,
"Baby Joya.. it's another day!"
Love it. =)


Anonymous said...

Your children must bring such amazing light into your household! I love reading your stories. :)

Anonymous said...

Darcy- I have loved reading all your stories of your girls! They must bring such amazing light into your household. They sure do bring light into my day! :)

Elaine said...

Sooo cute!! Darcy..I think we have twins. Amaya did that exact thing with the over mitts just last night and then again this morning. Our camera's battery was dead so I couldn't take the pic. =/ Love the diaper pic. LOL
Funny stories!

Jewel said...

Those are AWESOME pictures and quotes! That Adie, she's pretty funny! Even tho it takes you awhile to create another post (like I have any room to talk, not!), it's so worth the wait to read what you have to share!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all the Adie-isms! Your girls are both so beautiful and Adie is at that fun age where they say any and everything!!

Have a blessed day!

beachy keen said...

This stage is so cute. I love all the things our little kiddos say. Adie is a crack up. I also loved the little oven mits on her feet, too cute.

I also have to watch it with my "oh my gosh" and "crap" (the word ;)). Nothing sounds worse than when your kid says "crap".

shiloh said...

Oh my gosh Darce, this post was hilarious! I love the crab feet and Joya's shirt. The size 1 diaper is priceless:)

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Your girls are precious, Darc! You and Darin sure are good parents. Keep up the good work. :) Oh, and congratulations on becoming an aunt again!

Amy and Scott said...

I laughed out loud at least 3 times while reading this post!!! Your Adie is HILARIOUS! The things kids do / say!!! Keep sharing these stories! Made my day.


Gretchen Morningstar said...

I love the g-string diaper shot! Your girls are super cute and one day they will be so grateful for a mommy who took so many pictures. Such a great way to see all their little changes. Hope your family is doing well!