Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer isn't complete without a sprinkler!

Yesterday it was HOT so we decided to introduce Adie Grace to the fun times a sprinkler can bring to the backyard.

Looking at this picture, you'd think she was really liking it, right?

She wouldn't run through it at first so daddy sacrificed not being in his swim trunks and ran through it to show her how it's done.

I the picture below, Darin's thinking that she's following him and she runs on the OPPOSITE side of the sprinkler. Complete trickery.

So he decides to grab her hand and run through it together and that was much more successful.

And we all know that running in a swimsuit leads to massive wedgies...

Love the dimples on the ol' cheeks and the farmer's tan from her shorts is a good touch too.
She so modest with covering up her crack and all. Makes daddy proud.
She actually pooped in her bathing suit and she kinda looked like a boy from the back. =/ I wanted to take a picture of it but Darin said it was too gross. When it comes to bathroom humor, I have no class, I tell ya! You can thank him for the gross picture I was going to post on my blog.
And what did Miss Joya Jae do while daddy and Adie ran through the sprinkler and mommy took pictures of Adie's hiney? Well, she sported her super cute bathing suit with matching surrong, of course!
Every newborn needs a matching bathing suit skirt to cover up the chunky baby thighs, you know.
And in other Joya news.. she's a SMILING baby! Love the 6 week mark when they start to smile at ya. Well, she mostly smiles at the ceiling fan but Darin and I have both gotten a smile or two out of her.
Can't wait for the first laughs, first steps and first words. And if we are lucky by this time next year she will have her very own swim suit wedgie as she runs through the sprinkler with her big sister. I know this baby stage is going to fly just like it has with Adie!


Kat said...

love the wedgie shot- classic!
and such a cute bathing suit w/the cover- and the sunglasses are perfect

Jewel said...

ha ha ha what a great post! Glad Adie finally liked the sprinkler. It took Braylon some time to get use to it too. Love the wedgie pic! Joya is adorable sporting her suit & surrong! Love her smile. She looks so much like Adie. It's those eyes!

JAMES & SUSAN said...

I love the cute pics of the girls... can't wait to have one of my own soon (14 weeks to go).

Love ya-