Monday, June 08, 2009

We love SUMMER!!!

One reason I DON'T love summer is because I'd rather be outside than blog. =/

Sorry for the week and a half lull. I talked to two gals yesterday that said they read my blog (didn't know they did...) this made me realize that I need to update more so that I don't loose readers! AH! Please keep reading even tho I'm a summer slacker!!!

These are just a few reasons why we love summer!!!

***Daddy is home to play with!! He's been home for a week now and every day we both comment on how we love that he is a teacher. And that teachers can't complain about their pay. Um.. 3 reasons... June, July and August.

Yeah.. remember my cool rustic (we'll call it rustic even though really it was rotting) shed that I took pictures at? Darin re-sided it and re-roofed it before it caved in. =)

***We love summer because Daddy also put on the upper deck of our playhouse! Just needs a roof and it's close to being done.

***Love dirt stuffed summer nails. (Yes.. Adie's hands are already that tan!!! And yes her hands are almost bigger than mine. I think she's gunna be a volleyball player. Or a swimmer because of her huge hand-paddles.)

***Landscaping. Ah. Love that I have a 28" foot new area to landscape around the new room addition. Hydrangea plants rock my socks off. Seriously.

***Did we mention we love daddy being home to cuddy with???

And Darin loves summer because he gets to take his shirt off outside and work on erasing the lovely farmer's tan he gets from track season.
***We love summer because mommy can do lots of photo shoots outside. Had two yesterday and two more on Wednesday. Here's some pictures from yesterday's cuties...

(The photo shoot will be a Father's Day surprise)

***Wrigley DOES NOT like summer because he gets put in time-out more. (The basement behind the gate)

The neighbor kids are home and play in their pool 24/7.. this means that Wrigley thinks it's his job to bark-barkey at them 24/7. This makes mommy want to rip her hair out. Nobody likes a yippy dog bark. =/ Or a hairless mommy for that matter.

Why do YOU love summer???


Erin said...

Michael's almost done with school - three more days until summer officially starts here. :)

Dina said...

I love summer because I get to make my own schedule (and buy a house)! I also get to visit friends that I don't see as often as I would like. You are on the list of visits! Just say when!!!!

beachy keen said...

I love the summer because of the warm weather, weekends at the lake, grilling out, getting ice cream, playing with my kiddos outside, planting flowers, and watching my garden grow. I would be fine if it were summer all year :)

I'm glad you are enjoying your summer so far.

Kat said...

yay for teacher hubby's on summer vaca!!!!!!!!
super cute pics- and i'm jealous of the playhouse :)

Jewel said...

I love summer becuz there's just a different atmosphere around the house! I love having windows open, fans blowing (when it's not humid!). I love the different activities that summer brings that we don't do during the other seasons like camping, swimming in the pool, running thru the sprinkler, ice-cream treats, & etc.

Shannon said...

I love summer b/c I get to be outside all day and not clean my house :)

I was checkin' in to see when you wrote a new one, yet I take like 6 weeks off. You're still doing great :)

Stephanie said...

I too love not working in the summer. I think that is the best thing about being a teacher.