Monday, July 27, 2009

29 things...

about me in honor of my 29th BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!
1. Last night at a bonfire at my dad's house he reminisced about what he and mom were doing 29 years ago... the day before my birth. You see.. I was an "Ooops!" They had their boy and girl and 1980 came and dad was on strike and they then got the fun news that they were expecting their 3rd baby (yours truly). Last night he told me that they must have had too much time on their hands during the strike and that's how they got me.
Um. Too much information in my book to know about the circumstances of why your parent's conceived you. I always thought they had sex 3 times.. they could be referred to as Denise, Greg and Darcy.
2. Darin threw me a fun surprise b-day ookout on Saturday!! It was so fun. Here are the kiddos enjoying the food...

Nahum, Bray-Bray, Jett and Adie Grace pictured above.

3. Yep. Adie is in fact flipping me off. That's what she thinks about me turning 29!!!!

4. Here's a cute picture of my dad and Joya...

5. I love her belly fat roll over her capri's. We are happy that they are capri's now because they used to be pants!

6. This morning Natalie watched the girls while I went to Target and Walmart BY MYSELF. IT WAS HEAVENLY to not hear, "Mommy.. I need to get out!" (of the shopping cart) the shopping cart. She only wants to get out of the cart at Target. I think she already knows that Target is a little piece of heaven and needs to walk to soak in the wonderfulness.

7. Here's my little bumbo queen!!! That little grin makes my heart happy. My little mini Darin.

8. So in honor of my b-day I took Mikey D's up on their offer of free iced mochas on Monday's. Wanted to try one before I actually paid for one. Drove up to the one by Target and they handed it over through the window and seriously.. it was the size of a dixie cup. Two swigs total but 2 swigs of amazingness!!!
9. So I passed another Mikey D's on the way to Walmart, hid my empty dixie cup so the worker couldn't see it and picked up another one. HA! It's my b-day so I thought "why not?" Had two more swigs.
10. And now I'm pretty sure they put crack in the iced mocha's at McDonald's on Monday's so that you buy them Tuesday-Sunday. I could have ran a marathon after I drank those 2 dixie cups of greatness! I called my sister and talked a mile a minute as she laughed at me. I don't drink but seriously.. I felt like a drunk. A cracked out drunk. Happy birthday to me!
11. And to the locals... the Mikey D's on the north side of town is MUCH better than the south side. More chocolate and less coffee taste.. perfect.
12. Have an appointment for Joya Jae tomorrow.. her neck is looking more and more cock-eyed so I did some research about tortacollis.. hoping she doesn't have it but we are getting it checked out to make sure! It can totally be corrected by physical therapy so I'm hoping I caught it early enough if it is tortacollis.
13. My sister knows me so well. A couple of weeks ago I thought to myself.. "if anyone asks me what I want for my b-day I'm going to say a scrapbooking magazine" It got cut out of the budget to renew my Creating Keepsakes so I've been without for a year now. Last week my sister tells me she has the perfect gift for me.. a subscription to Scrapbooking Etc. Are you kidding me? We are seriously the same person but she's a million times smarter than me. And more considerate. And the bestest gift giver. Love you DD!
14. I am re-reading You are Not What you Weigh book I originally read in 1999 at the peek of my eating disorder. Satan has been attacking me with my left-over baby weight so I knew it was time to read it again. I highly reccomend it.
15. First of all... I am so, so glad that God has brought me out of the bondage I dealt with concerning food and my body image 10 years ago. But I've realized that I've picked up my burden and tried to tackle my self image issues on my own again. Not the way Jesus intends.
16. I've decided that I'm not going to be a prisoner to what I weigh again. It's not going to be my idol. I am not going to weigh myself again until I'm finished nursing. It took me that long to loose my baby weight with Adie and for some reason I wanted to do it quicker with Joya. It's become a bit obsessive again and I need to quit it.
17. You all have permission to periodically ask me if I've weighed myself.. hold me accountable, K?
18. I think I'll do another devo on Kayla's blog here soon about body image/dieting/food so stay tuned.
19. Oh geez.. 10 more? What was I thinking?
20. Out of the last 7 days Joya has slept through the night 5 of the nights! One night she went 10 hours! The other nights it's been 8 hours. Can I hear a "praise Jesus????"
21. Yes.. she's only 3 months old. I am an advocate of BabyWise.. let me know if you want more info. I don't like to push it on anyone. =)
22. Pretty sure BabyWise should have a disclaimer on the front of the book that says
"Stupid nursing mom's that drink 2 dixie sized iced mocha's from McDonalds may not have sleeping through the night babies due to the crack Mikey D's puts in the coffee to make you want more. Good luck with your baby and sleep-time tonight!"
23. This week is the last week of freedom before football 2-a-days starts next week. And Darin's at a camp speaking again. =( BUT he is coming home tonight for Grandma Yoder dinner and to spend the night with me. YEAH!
24. Had 3 photo shoots last week and came home after Thursday's shoot and had 4 more inquiries about new shoots! LOVE my job!
25. Facebook rocks hard core on your birthday. I seriously had more b-day wishes than I could count! Thanks, friends!!!
26. Adie is doing great with her potty training. She loves to potty in the toliet. Totally gets annoyed when I remind her to go.. she's over me ask her. How's pooping, you ask? Not so much. We're still working on that. Must be weird to sit down to poop when you've been standing or laying down for your dueces your entire 2 years of life.
27. 3 more.. geez.. I'm running out of things to say! I'm crashing from my iced-crack-mocha high.
28. the year I just lived...
and last but not least...
Seems like a good number. I think I'll try it out for 365 days. If 29 is as good as my first 28 years... I'll be one blessed gal!
As my dad said on my b-day card.. I live a charmed life. =)


Andrew and Denise said...

Darce, you may not want to blog while on a caffeine high. thanks for the nice things you said about me! i will ask you about weighing yourself. we don't have scales for that same reason. LAMY! wish I could be with you on your B-day and meet JJ!

Nichole said...

I had one of those crack in a cup this morning was either that or the fact that I have not had adult conversation in a while that I talked Erin's ear off today. who knows...the great part is she put up with me...I am sure you will be blessed in the next year as well.

Rodi Jussey said...

First of all, happy birthday! My gift to you is to tell you that the McDonalds in Michigan have Frappes. Think 'frozen blended mochas'. If you enjoy the iced mochas....just you wait! they are truly delish. I am pretty sure that they will get them in all mcdonalds, you just have to be patient....or head north, it may be worth the trip :)

ashley said...

happy birthday!!! and yay for miss joya jae and her sleepin! :)

Kat said...

yay! happy birthday again! love your list :)
send me some encouragement on the crying it out thing- starting it with izzy this weekend!
oh- and good for you for not weighing yourself until you're done nursing! its hard, but you don't want to be worrying about your weight when you have so much going on with your 2 beautiful daughters!

beachy keen girl said...

Happy Birthday Darcy! I hope you have had a wonderful day :) It sounds like the iced-crack-mocha has made it even better!

Remember that you are beautiful just how you are! Don't ever let Satan fool you into believing you aren't.

The Haughs said...

Happy Birthday! :) A few things -you look GREAT! I've noticed you commenting about your mommy weight a few times and could tell you were worrying about it. . . stop! You truly look GREAT! Also, my Olivia had torticollis. I couldn't tell in your picture of Joya if she has it, but stay on it. It can affect other gross motor milestones like sitting up, crawling, and walking. Olivia got some physical therapy only because I pushed it. My pediatrician was not concerned and gave me the "she'll grow out of it" line but I contacted First Steps anyway. E-mail me if you have any questions! :) She'll be fine.