Friday, July 24, 2009

Our house.. before & after!!!

Without further ado.. here are the before and after pictures of our house!!!
Here's the living room complete with stripper poles at the front entry...

Look at the upper picture.. can you see the nicotine stains on the walls? By the ceiling? Can't imagine what their lungs looked like! YIKES!
By show of hands, who thinks I should have kept the drapes? Or the shag carpet? Or the stripper poles on the bookshelf entry way thingy? CLASSY!
Um. I would have straightened the lampshade and fixed the curtains if I would have seen them behind the camera. =/ SORRY!
We took down a wall between the kitchen and living room to make a great room...

It's my total favorite room. I can make dinner and watch the girls or visit with company while behind the counter.

Here's another picture of the wall before we tore it down...

They spent the most time in the kitchen therefore most of the nicotine stains on the walls were in the kitchen. Isn't that gross? We put cabinets on this wall and took out the window and put in our 12 foot sliding glass doors.

Here's another view of that wall...

And the old kitchen... followed by our new kitchen!!! Oh.. and Darin made all my cherry kitchen cabinets. I'm a lucky girl!!

And I showed you this picture with all their furniture in it before. Here is was all cleaned out.. but you get a great view of the light up wall art. Classy.

Here is the bathroom complete with plastic teal tiles and pink sinks and tubs. =)

And here is the hallway going into Joya and Adie's rooms...

Should have taken pictures of Adie and Joya's rooms but they weren't clean the day I took pics. AND I have big plans for Adie's room in August! We're doing a "farm house" theme complete with a loft with a house underneath. Picket fences, cows and flower boxes.. stay tuned. =) Grandma Yoder made 2 quilts with fabric from my mom's stash so they'll go perfectly in the new room and have huge sentimental meaning. I'll show you those rooms once they are complete. =)
Thanks for going on the house tour. It's cool that Darin and I were paired up together. He loves to build and make things look new and I love to decorate. We both can invision what things will look like.. this house needed a lot of that when we initially walked in! It needed massive love and we were able to create a space that's perfect for us. =) And we'll be in this one for a bit.. I can't imagine remodeling with 2 little's in the picture!!!


Rebekah said...

that is AMAZING, darcy!! you guys do make a fantastic pair. you definitely have a gift to turn the not-so-beautiful into fabulous!! :)

Jen Higgins said...

Ooooh, and I thought my house looked bad before we fixed it up. This one takes the cake! What a great remodle!

Kelsey said...

I definitely couldn't have walked into that old house and had any hope of such a beautiful house! Great job! You're inspiring!

Jo said...

I agree with everyone! Ya'll did such a fantastic turn around, it looks wonderful. I love the yellow that you/ya'll chose, it's beautiful! Can't wait to see the girlies rooms!

megan said...

That is amazing! It looks so cozy and homey and perfect. You guys are really talented! I love the colors you've picked out, too. Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

Kat said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! you did an AMAZING job! like i said, do you want to come and decorate my house?? ;)

Linz said...

They definitely need to put this on HGTV or something! That's still crazy how much u guys changed that place!

christy said...

i love the pictures of the before and after! you all did a great job. The last picture is funny because you have the before and after pics backwards ... at least i hope you do :)