Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm 3 months old!

So my baby is 3 months old already. It's weird because it seriously feels like she's been apart of our family forever. It was such an easy transition to two kids but that may have something to do with Darin being home for 2 1/2 out of the 3 months of her life!

She does, in fact, have a slight case of torticollis. We went to the (new) pediatrician yesterday and she suggested we call First Steps to get it corrected. I guess she laid wrong in my bel-lay and it made her neck all screwy. THAT'S why my pregnancy hurt so bad this time.. she was wacker-jawed in there! You can see which way she favors her head in this picture...

LOVE her eyes. =)

Our old Doctor (Dr. Fu.. remember.. I spelled it for Darin and accidently told him to "F-off") moved so we got a new one. She was moving Joya all around at her appointment yesterday and Joya gave her a little (okay big) toot. The doctor said, "Oh.. maybe she just has to fart!"


You know me and bathroom humor. Bout busted a gut right there. Any super educated doctor that uses the word "fart" is a keeper in my book. Love it.

And got a funny picture of her blowing bubbles. Her favorite thing to do lately. That and bite her tounge with her toothless mouth.
Oh Joya Jae.. we love you, baby girl!!!

More pictures to come.. when I take them, that is. =)
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Kat said...

she is just precious! and she looks like her daddy!!