Friday, July 31, 2009

A few more pictures of our Joya Jae!

Did some more 3 mont pictures of Miss Joya Jae out in the front yard with my mom's rocking chair last night. Man she's cute!

She looks like she's pretending to be on the phone in this one...

She's saying: "Yep. Out here in the front yard in my skivies & a bow as mom takes a million and four pictures of me."


Jewel said...

These pics are sooo adorable!!!

the swope family said...

Great pics and great pages! You are awesome at scrap pages! I'm so far behind on Harper's book! Second babies just don't get as much as first, do they?? But I'm getting ready to transform our guestroom into a scrapbooking room until I can get caught up.