Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yesterday and today we are doing round 2 of potty training.

This time.. the toliet will win.

She totally comprehends it better this time around. We've had more successes than failures today and my personal favorite was this evening when I was in Joya's room and heard her yell,

"Mommy! I have to go potty!"

I ran into the living room to find her on her toliet going tinkle. This was the first time she sat on the potty herself.. other times I've helped.

I started yelling and praising her and then I realized her panties were still on. Peeing right through them.

Sadly, she takes this after her mother. I too have had to pee so badly that I forgot to pull down the ol' undies. =/

Hey, at least she made it to the potty ON HER OWN! We are making progress!
And we can't do a post without Joya Jae!
She is going to be 3 months on Thursday so the 3 month photo shoot pictures have begun. =)

And snaps for Joya.. last night she slept 10 HOURS! 10pm-8am.. didn't wake up once. I know it was a fluke but we're heading in the right direction! Stupid me didn't sleep from 4-5am because I was worried about her not breathing cuz she hadn't woken up yet. =/ Gotta love being a mom!
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Kat said...

yaaaaaaaaaay adie and yaaaaaaaaaay joya! but yeah, don't you hate how when they finally sleep, you just worry??

Linz said...

AWW Congrats to Adie! Love that she's watching Elmo potty at the same time too:) And yay that mommy's getting more sleep too! That's always such an awesome breakthrough! Nice stretch of sleep...maybe your 2nd will be a sleeping machine like mine is!-so nice! and seriously...she is almost 3 months??!

Jen Allen said...

Wow! It's hard to believe Joya is three months already. I hope we can get together before all our kids are teenagers ; )

Congrats to Adie on her potty training. She sounds like she's (almost) a pro!

Aabell said...

I love this post!!! We have so many pictures of Ayla sitting on the potty in front of the tv. And I've totally been there in the middle of the night... it's too quiet and you start panicking!!! :)