Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back home in Indiana!!!

Hey, ya all!

Back from Iowa! Darin was the key-note speaker at a camp last week and the girls and I went along. The girls did great on the 6 hour trip. We'd like to thank Hermie and Friends and Thomas the Train DVD's. (Adie borrowed Thomas the Train from Greg and Natalie and wanted NOTHING to do with Finding Nemo, Shark Tales or Gigi... I do believe we have a tom boy on our hands!!)

Sorry I didn't warn you bout' the week break in blogging.. don't usually like to post that the house will be vaca when we're gone. specially when I post pictures of the front of our house on the previous blog for all the theives out there to steal our super expensive schtuff. Yeah, I'm SUPER smart like that. =)

I'm pretty sure if there was a vote Adie would have been voted the most popular girl at camp. Every time I turned around a different camper was holding her. She was in heaven.. specially at campfire when she danced her little heart out to the music praising Jesus with her hands stretched up high. We got it on video (our video camera to it's not as easy as a normal digi camera) so I'm hoping to share it with ya when Darin figures out how to put it on the puter. It was super convicting of what carefree, non-inhibited worship can look like. I will never forget it and neither will you if we can figure out how to get it on the blog!

And Joya did great too.. was a tad bit fussy cuz she was out of her schedule but she really did great considering. And she got to meet the little 3rd grade camper Joya.. the little gal we stole her name from. =) And IA Joya has a little brother whose name I totally want to steal if we have a boy next. I know.. I am pathetic! Dude.. her parents have steller name selection ability. I told them to call me when they have more babies to give me the names so I can steal them all. Just kidding. Kind of.

So yeah.. we're back and I'll post more before and after pictures of the ol' casa once I scan the before pictures... some reason in my head that's easier than going to look for the digi picture of them we have on CD.

And I do believe that this is the first blog in more left unseen history that lacks pictures.
I'm fired.

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Kat said...

welcome home! can't wait to see your pictures :)