Thursday, July 02, 2009

You know you are a mom when PART 2...

Okay, so I came up with some more since last post. =)
You know you are a mom when your 2 year old is in HISTARICS because you can't find "baby" last night or this morning. You frantically look for baby because you are sick of the crying and hearing "baby, mommy BABY!" Don't worry.. we found her. In Joya's crib, of course. BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE BABIES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. Duh, mommy. Adie's creative to put her there.. I just didn't think to look after an hour of looking for baby. =/
You know you are a mom when you secretly mourn your youngest baby going from a size 1 diaper to a size 2.
This baby stuff goes so fast. And I don't know if I'm mourning her growing up or the fact that you pay the same price for LESS diapers as they go up in size. =/
You know you are a mom when you nurse in the Kohl's parking lot and SUPRISE! You look down at your shirt to realize that you forget to put a nursing pad in your bra and you've got an attractive boobie leak circle on your new shirt. I quickly thought about what would be more embarassing... a big wet circle on one of the girls or sticking your boob up to the air conditioning vent in the car and drying it before we head to the restaurant for dinner.
I opted for the boob up to the vent.
Only one person walked by my van giving me an odd look. =/
Poor guy.. yeah, it HAD to be a guy. A mom would understand and have a boobie leak story of her own!
Okay.. your turn! Tell me your own "You know you are a mom when..." I'm ready to laugh!!!


Jen Higgins said...

I knew I was a mom when spit-up dribbled into my bra and I didn't even flinch.

beth said...

You know you're a mom when the best thing you can think of to do when someone babysits your kids is SLEEP :)

Jewel said...

Oh my gosh I was thinking of your earlier post today. And was thinking I've got one to add...and then I read your post tonight & you are inviting me to add to it...

I went to Meijer grocery shopping BY MYSELF today! Braylon was at a friend's house.

You know you're a mom when...even when your child is not with you, you automatically plan in your head to stop and look at the fish...And when 2 Meijer workers ask "where's your little boy?"

Dina said...

hahahaha.....your boobie leak story might be my favorite dace story yet! (and that's saying a lot, you've had some fabo stories). I'm still giggling about it. We NEED to get together! You can come to MY HOUSE!!! Ahhhhh,....give me a call. Love you!

lisadickinson said...

I'm sorry but the boob/air vent story is HILARIOUS. And yes, I've used the hand dryer at Nordstroms' for the same reason. :)

The Elliott's Happenings said...

Hehehe; boob leaks are the funniest. I constantly "let down" when I get around all the other staff wives at our church. Haven't figured that one out yet but I'm always having to hug myself when they're around! I hate when I don't have my babies in the car, KNOW that I don't have them, & look in the rearview & STILL panic for a split second!