Thursday, August 13, 2009

Couldn't be prouder...

Today Adie went poopy in the toliet.

It's been 3 weeks, 3 days that I've been fishing turds out of her panties.

Many of you facebook friends got the update from me the other day about her pooping in Chick-fil-a. And me taking her to the bathroom and carefully taking her undies down so that the turds didn't come out. And then I had a run-away turd that rolled under the wall and into the other stall where a lady was using the facility. Just imagine yourself relieving yourself after a nice chicken lunch and see a run-away turd roll under the stall wall quickly followed by a embarassed mother's hand with toilet paper to snatch it up. Of course it was completely silent so that made it all more the akward. Never a dull moment when you are potty training!

Anywho, Let's just say that daddy and I were jumping up and down when she crapped in the john tonight.

I couldn't be prouder.

Well, except I was pretty proud this morning on our walk when she said,

"Mommy! Where are my sunglasses?"

To which I replied..

"They are on your head, Adie."

I was pretty proud of that one. She takes ditziness and pooping in the toliet after me. =)


Can't leave you without pictures!

Here's my girls chilling the other day on the boppy.

So far Joya's hair is super curly and getting blonder by the day! Hope it stays!

And my big girl sitting in the excersaucer. She's getting too big too quick!

Hip-hip horay for poops in the toliet!
ANYONE: Do any of my local readers know how to knit? I have something I would like made and would be willing to swap out a photo shoot for something you would knit for me. =) Thanks!
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ashley said...

hmm i know how to knit and would love to do the swap! unfortunately i think my knitting skills are pretty beginner and all i've done are blankets!

the swope family said...

you made us both laugh with the chick fil a story! thanks for that!!! gotta love potty training and all the fun stories that come from it!

Nichole said...

watch out fish at walmart there is a little girl coming to snatch you up and bring you home.

Way to go Adie!!!