Monday, August 17, 2009

more shoots!!!

Still having a ton of shoots! August is hopping! Hopefully you guys aren't getting sick of me posting pictures here. Ready for me to get a photog blog yet?

Here's a little guy that's exactly a month older than my Adie. It was fun to hang out with him.. made me realize how different girls and boys are! He was super active! The wagon helped us snap some of these pictures. Isn't he a cutie???

and those BLUE eyes!!!!


And yesterday I got to hang out with the Good family! (And don't I get THE cutest families to shoot? Seriously!) They really were "Good" sports... it was 90 degrees when we shot these yesterday! They really mastered the candid shots I love to get.

Look at this cutie!!! Man the kids I shoot are cute!

And today thanks to the rain my senior picture got postponed. Boo... but tomorrow is an engaged couple.. LOVE those too!

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Jewel said...

Hey, I know the Goods! Chris I met thru his parents becuz we use to live in Valparaiso & went to the same church as his parents. And of course then I met Lindsay thru Chris. And now Lindsay & I play Bunco together with a group of friends. What a small world!