Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Engagement shots...



I LOVE to take engagement shots! First of all.. they are always ga-ga over each other. Second of all.. there's no chasing. (Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE a toddler shot.. just have to work a bit harder then when people look at me and smile when I ask them to!) And thirdly.. um. yeah, I just like them. =)

Here are Julie and Jake's engagement pictures...

LOVE that she still had her sizer on . Don't you remember when your ring had one of these? Just something fun to remember!

You know me and my rotting barn! Love it. =)

ANd then we stopped at the neighborhood playground for a fun shot by the X's and O's. You KNOW as soon as Joya can sit up the girls will have their picture by this! Maybe for a Valentines shot. =)


Stephanie said...

Love the "i do" shot. You are such a good photographer. Also think the x's & o's would make a great Valentine's picture.

Jessica F said...

I love the "xoxo" tic-tac game. It works perfect here. So creative!

Ring sizer?!?! No clue! Never even seen that and I have an engagement ring on. I'm out of the loop apparently... ;)

Kat said...

ok, LOVE the xoxo! thats such a cute idea!
you do an awesome job, and congrats to the cute couple :)

Jo said...

the " i do" shot is my favorite! what a creative idea ;)