Monday, August 17, 2009

we really are THAT cheap...

We're cheap. I won't even try to mask the truth with saying we are "thrifty".. we are super tight.
Yesterday we didn't turn on the central air. It was 90 degrees out with a heat index of over 100. Why didn't we? Because by the time we got home from church it was already 84 in our house. Our air can't keep up with our massive 12 foot sliding glass door so when we don't catch the temperature at like 78, it's useless to turn on the air. So we spent our Sunday afternoon sweating. Don't feel sorry for us.. we just don't feel like paying for it! It's a sacrifice we pay for me to stay at home. =) And it makes us super thankful for it when we actually do turn it on!
So I did a photo shoot for Darin's cousins, Glenda and Andrew. For a little thank you, Glenda sent me a new Frill bag by Vera Bradley.

Isn't it adorable? It's my new favorite thing. But I didn't have a trendy new purse to house it in. So what did I do? I visited Salvation Army where I found this little ditty...

for 90 cents. I'm not even joking. The little bag that goes IN my bag is about 12 times more expensive than the actual bag. I'll find every excuse to whip that cute little VB bag out of my 90 cent bag EVERY day.

Oh.. and the bag is hanging on my recent garage sale find.. we needed bar stools for our new kitchen island/table Darin made for me and I found these beaut's at a garage sale for a whooping $55. They are at Target right now for $90 a piece. I got ALL 4 of them for $55! In cherry and everything. Seriously cool.


Then I've been looking at etsy and places to find little girl leg warmers. I've seen pictures with little girls and leg warmers and I NEED them for shoots. (Okay so need is pushing it but yeah, I want them badly) So while I was at Salvation Army I visited the little girl sweater section. And came home with this...

You guessed it! I'm chopping off those sleeves, sewing them up and they will be my new leg warmers. Seriously genius if you ask me. They were $1.50. And you BETCHA if this works I'm going back for more colors and stripe patterns! Stay tuned for pictures of these babies at work.


Hanni is teaching me the art of CVS. Yep, there is an art to shopping there. Last week with my Extra Care Bucks I got 72 Pamper diapers for $10. Pretty proud of that one. Hanni has gotten diapers for much cheaper but I'm not as good as her. I am learning. I called her last week so wound up after my trip there. It felt like I was ripping them off but no, you just got to know how to work the system. Seriously fun.


And I just posted new photo shoots below. Yes. I blogged 2 times in one day. BOTH my girls are taking fat naps so I guess I'm a tad blog happy with my extra time!


Nichole said...

you will have to teach me the cvs thing...cuz I have a bunch of coupons from jacks meds...and I always think I am spending more. I have heard that online coupons help or something. You will have to explain to me. I have leg warmers...I should let you have. people gave me a bunch for avenlea and her legs are too skinny. they don't stay up.

Stephanie said...

I love the purse, Darcy --- esp. for less than a buck! W0W! I'd also love if you'd share some of your thrifty secrets, including the CVS tricks since I also have a two-month-old. Thanks from a faithful blog reader! BTW, you look GREAT for just having a baby. I'm currently in a losing battle with those last 18 pounds:(

Kimberly said...

So I did something similar but in reverse. I needed to make funky pillows. I purchased sweaters like the one you posted at our Good Will. Cutt off the arms and the neck and sewed at the top and bottom of each sweater. They made the cutest pillows for my little girls room. Unfortuately, I threw the arms away. Now I am mad at myself because your idea for leg warmers are great.If I just woudl have saved them. Bummer for me. But thanks for the great idea.

Jewel said...

I love both of your purses! Doesn't it just feel so awesome when you find such a great deal?! And what a creative way to make your own leg warmers! You go, girl!