Saturday, September 19, 2009

5 years later...

So yesterday we found out that we had free tickets to today's Notre Dame game. We hurried and found a babysitter for the girls and headed off to the game. You see.. we live 45 minutes away from ND. And I've never been to a game. Pretty much because I was raised to be a hater (right, dad?) People around here either love them or hate them.

My dad always said that his favorite team was whoever is playing Notre Dame.

But I married a tried and true fan. And I love my Darin Jay.. so Notre Dame is slowly becoming tolerable. (Especially when I get to get away for the day and soak in some sun at a super fun game!)

Here is my Darin in NOTRE DAME HEAVEN as we are entering the stadium.

And Darin by the Touchdown Jesus building. I kept calling it "Hail Mary" and "Hail Jesus" all day. I just now turned to ask Darin to make sure it was called "Hail Jesus" and he informed me that
"NO.. you've asked me that 4 times today.. It's TOUCHDOWN JESUS."
I'm a little Touchdown-Jesus-slow. =/

I totally would have asked that dude to move so he wasn't in my Hail Jesus picture but Darin was already jumping at the bit to get to our seats.

As we were watching the team warm up (yes, people.. my Darin needs to be there early to watch them warm up) I noticed that everyone on the top row of the stadium was looking over the top. So either they were taking pictures of the Hail Jesus building or they were thinking about jumping. As seen here in the picture...

I think everyone was okay. They won today so I don't think anyone jumped.

And take a look at our seats. We were on the 37 yard line 22 rows up behind Michigan State's team. I put my 50mm lens on which has no zoom so you are seeing our seats. CRAZY good, aren't they? Not bad for free!

And this picture marks the last "our teams" picture for the two of us. We have one at a Colts game, a Cubs game, Purdue game and of course a Fairfield game. I can see a scrap page in the very near future.

On our way home Darin made a cool connection.. today marked the first date we went on 5 years ago. How did he remember that, you ask? Well Notre Dame was playing Michigan State, of course! Love that our anniversaries are remember by who Notre Dame was playing that day. I wouldn't expect any less from my man!
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Nichole said...

those were similar to our seats at the ND game we went to.....except we were on the ND side. glad you had a good time.

shiloh said...

At least you sat in the Michigan seats:) Love the new family pic on your blog, you guys are such a sweet family!

The Haughs said...

Glad you had fun. It really is just such a neat atmosphere, no matter who "your team" is. :) I am not a huge ND fan - just married to one - but I LOVE going to games. So fun.

Jewel said...

This post had me cracking up. You are such a great writer! Or story teller! I do not like ND but I don't like MSU either! I'm a Michigan fan. Go Blue!

bethmorgan said...

I have been a blog reader since Alison passed away, I was linked to her blog and found your blog on her sidebar. I just wanted to comment because I remember you doing a post where you were talking about how Darin makes fun of you for changing sayings like "pot calling the kettle black". Anyways after reading your post I was cracking up about "jumping at the bit" because I had always heard it said "chomping at the bit". Just another Darcy-ism that made me smile.