Friday, September 18, 2009

Sara's Prego pics...

Here's some pregnancy pictures of my friend Sara. We had to get them in because any day now she could sneeze and the baby will come barreling out.
You think I'm joking, right?
Not really.
This is my friend that had her baby in the hospital elevator.


She delivered Miss Adrienne's (blond below) head in the front seat of their car and delivered the rest of her body between the second and third floor at the hospital. My favorite quote of Sara's about the whole ordeal is,
"Yeah.. they pulled my yoga pants down and said, it's a girl!"

Oh gosh. Love the story EVERY time she tells it! Never gets old!

So yeah.. she's 35 weeks and when I say she could sneeze and have her baby, I'm really not kidding! The midwives have a super detailed plan for her birthing plan so you all don't have to worry, k? I am confident this time she'll safely deliver in a hospital room.

The never find out what their babies are so we had this fun idea with the sidewalk chalk...

LOVE that Adrienne stuck her finger up there at the last minute! Couldn't have planned it better!

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Jewel said...

These pictures are awesome!!! And they seem all the more better when I know the person!!!

Kat said...

so cute!!!! and i can't believe she had a baby in the elevator!

Stephanie said...

Those pics are so cute! I especially love the Boy or Girl? pic and the one of you looking up at her with the camera. You really inspire me to take more pics and play with poses.
Keep up the great photography.