Sunday, October 18, 2009

Leaf Girl

Adie did it! She went down the isle at Matt & Chelsey's wedding as their leaf girl. We call her that because she threw leaves instead of flower petals.

She walked down the isle perfectly right to Matt. Darin was at the bottom waiting on her and she immediately told him, "I want to sit with Chloe" (her 2 year old cousin) She had forgotten about the gummy bears I promised and wanted to giggle with Chloe Jem all through the ceremony. =)

Right after they were engaged Matt told Chelsey..
"The only request I have for the wedding is that Adie is the flower girl."
They are pretty good buds. =)

And it's not every day you get to see your photography on an M&M!!
I was super honored that my photography was all over this wedding so it was super fun to look down at my dessert and see it in an unexpected place.
Took a picture of it (with lots of people probably wondering what in sam-hill I was doing taking a picture of my plate) and then popped my photography in my mouth. Pretty yummy photography if I do say so myself.

I bawled after I sent Adie down the isle in her big poofy dress. I realized that we are going to blink and soon she & Joya will be in their own poofey white dress at their weddings walking to their groom.
Life goes way too fast.

But for now I'm going to enjoy every minute with my baby girls.

And a big congrats to Matt and Chelsey! Thanks for including us in your big day. We love you!!
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Nichole said...

She looks so the hair. you have plenty of time to enjoy before they will be walking down the isle in puffy dresses.

Hope she is feeling better today.

Elaine said...

Adie looks so cute! The whole wedding looks like it was absolutely beautiful. Loved her wedding dress (saw the pics on facebook)! I've seen the words on M&Ms but the photography is pretty cool.