Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A verse for ya.. and some ridiculously enormous flowers on my girls' heads..

The other day I came across SUPER convicting 4 words.

"like mother, like daughter"
Ezekiel 16:44


They are watching me.
Watching how I talk.
How I react.
How much patience I have.
Or lack-there of. =/
They are watching how I treat Darin.
How I LOVE their daddy.
How I treat my friends.
How I work.
What my reaction is when my perfect couch flies off the back of daddy's truck.
They are watching how I worship.
How often I read my bible.
They are watching me.

And there's a good chance they will turn out just like me.

This 4 word verse has drastically changed my mothering since God revealed it to me a few days ago and now it's plastered to my fridge.
If someone told me I was just like my mom.. I would consider it the best compliment anyone ever gave me. So my goal in life is to be the same to my girlies.

Man I love these two and will devote the rest of my life being an example for them.


Niki said...

Yeah, they're watching you just like we watched our moms...but let's put a positive spin on it: they are going to be such loving, caring, funny, super-friendly girls just like their mama, b/c all of that comes naturally for you!!

I catch myself acting more and more like my mom the older I get!! She's one wise lady tho, so I am very proud to be like her!! I know your mama is SUPER proud that you are a lot like her too.

The Davis Family said...

Darcy as long as they are half the wife/mommy you are I think they will be doing great. So what if you get aggervated that Adie won't take the kids to the pool. It will come back to her ten fold :)

You are an amazing woman!