Sunday, November 29, 2009

Annual Christmas Tree hunt!!!

I was SO excited to do our annual Christmas tree hunt this year because Adie's old enough to know what's going on and actually enjoy it.

So I thought.

Everything was going fine and dandy...

Joya is having a great time too even tho she's clueless..

We get to the area where we want to find our tree and the tree farm's neighbor starts to do target practice with his gun. Not near us, by any means but Adie came unglued...

This is how she looked the ENTIRE time we "picked" out our tree...

She was throwing a fit while Darin cut down our tree. And I couldn't hold her because I had Joya.
And my camera.
Someone had to document this event, right?

And then we went inside to pay for our tree and she sees Santa. We've said NOTHING about Mr. Claus and it was like she automatically knew she had to get her act together for him.

Look at her hilarious grin...

You would have never known that she was scared to death just moments before.

Geez. Gotta love the drama a 2 year old can produce.

And then we forgot to take a picture of the girls together at the tree farm so we took one by the evergreen at our house.

And then one of mama and Adie.

And one of Joya Jae with daddy.

Oh the family fun.


Soon I PROMISE to tell ya all about where (and how I make) the girls' bows, massive flowers, headbands and hats. I've had lots of people ask.


Jen Allen said...

So cute! I would have been right there with Adie, covering my eyes and ears : ) It is amazing how quickly a two year old's attitude and dimeanor can change!

Shannon said...

Oh my heavens this is soooo funny!!! I can't wait to see how you scrap this :) I love love love it!

Kat said...

love it!
gret pictures, too :)