Monday, November 30, 2009

I am happy to announce...

That we are watching cartoons again as of this morning.

The crap hit the john! Here we are watching Oso on the fun pink throne a blog reader, Mindy gave her. (Thanks, Mindy!)

We were without toons for 2 weeks, now. Pretty sure it was more of a punishment for mommy than Adie. =/

As she did her business on the toilet this morning she asked me,

"Did I make Jesus happy?"

(She is starting to ask all kinds of questions about Jesus)

And I said yeah... then she asked,

"Does Jesus go poopy in the potty?"

Um.. sure He does!

Wonder if the Lord was easy to potty train here on earth.. of if Mary had to take away toons, spank, give time-outs and when the Lord God Almighty finally did crap in the john did she treat Him with some unleavened bread? Funny to think about!

And here is our tree all decorated up! And of course Joya Jae had to get in there...

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Shannon said...

The kids alwasy ask if this or that makes Jesus happy, if he goes poop,'s fun to think through the eyes of a kiddo :)

Yeah for poop!!

Erin said...

Emma's always asking about God and Jesus. Last question was if God drove a car and if it was purple. :)