Friday, November 20, 2009


Last night my hubby asked me if I blogged today. (meaning yesterday) I said no and told him I was worried that I was loosing readers. My photography has consumed my blog here lately and I'm afraid I'm boring you all. =/ Darin informed me that he hasn't read in awhile because there's nothing to read! So in order to make my hubby be a blog reader again.. I'm going to post every day for a week. Hold me to it, ya'all!
So if you all are my facebook friends.. you know that for the last 6 months my life has been consumed with poop. Not MY poop.. but my Adie Grace's poop. We've been potty training since July and I have been plucking poops out of her panties ever since. She just doesn't get it. I have had FB friends come up to me in real life and ask me if poop is all I ever talk about.

Well, kinda.

We've tried treats, winning a dollhouse, spanking, dvd's, McDonald's trips, time-outs, letting her figure it out on her own... EVERYTHING we can think of and everything other people have suggested. Peeps have doubted me and wondered if she's really ready.
She is.
Just last week she pooped 3 days straight in the toilet so I know she's capable. And she's been potty trained for months. I can trust her to keep her panties dry but can't trust her to keep them skid free!

Wednesday stupid me thought of a brainiac idea.. take away cartoons until she poops in the toilet. And every mother out there knows that taking away cartoons is more of a punishment to the mom than the kid. =/ She doesn't watch a ton but there are a few that are apart of her routine and the kid loves her routine. Anywho...

Only took one day of no cartoons for her to crap in the john. I was nursing Joya at the time and she even took herself in the bathroom and came out proclaiming that she dropped the kids off at the pool.

After I was finished with Joya I went into the bathroom to clean out her chair and low and behold... a turd was in the potty!

We did a little poopy dance and as I was cleaning her up I notice the dog is chewing on something. Get an inkling of what it *might* be so I glance in the toilet and yep, the turd was MIA which only means that the dog was chewing on the prized turd.

He spend a couple of hours outside in the rain and is banned from licking my baby for days. Gross.

But this makes me wonder.. how many times have I been disciplining, taking away toons, giving time-outs, and getting REALLY frustrated with my daughter and she really has crapped in the john and the dog has eaten the evidance?

Just another example of how non-perfect of a mom I am. Ah.

And of course I will leave you with a picture!

My Joya Jae in the tub.

Obviously this picture is before I cleaned off her face. Don't look too closely or you'll see the dried food all over.
I am the baby in my family of 3 kids. I always wondered why my brother and sister were in so many of my pictures. Now that I'm a mom of two I understand. Look at this picture of me trying to take a picture of the babe and her sister pushes her way in the picture. NOW I understand!

My back-to-writing-on-my-blog has started! Hope you are back to being a reader, Darin!!!

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stacy doo said...

Ha! The turd story had me cracking up and gagging a little at the same time! Just wait until Wrigley eats a turd and then throws it back up. My dog did that once. The mixture of dookie AND vomit was almost more than I could handle. I was pretty close to cleaning up my own throw up after cleaning up that mess. :) I can't believe I just told that story!!

Sarah said...

Ok I think you've talked about this before but I can't remember - do you make your own head bands for Joya? I love them!

I will tell you - negative reinforcement [and positive too!] works/worked wonders for my kiddos. The boys are big on competitions too so turning everything into a race works well too.

It'll happen for you! I don't know any 16 year olds with mommas fishing poos out of panties... :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back to blogging! I love your photography posts, but am also a fan (lurker who has never commented before) of the everyday life posts! Don't go too crazy with the potty training, it will happen. I am of the personal belief that it's the first thing kids really have any control over and boy do they ever exert their control...or at least all 3 of mine did. Good luck!

darcy said...

I'm back babe! Now that is some good reading!

Lov you.


Kat said...

too funny!
the poop thing is SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!! believe you me, i've been there! still occasionally am there. not fun :(
and LOVE that picture where adie is trying to get in. so cute!

Elaine said...

Hilarious...and yuck about the poop and the dog. Why do dogs like poop? My brother's dog eats her own poop.