Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photo shoots!!!

Again.. been BUSY with shoots! Just yesterday I had to turn away 4 more shoot opportunities. I'm just too booked.
So.. next year you all will book me early for Christmas pictures, right?! I hate turning you away!

AND I have a fabulous idea of a "Super Saturday" in early November of 2010. I'm going to devote an entire day to JUST Christmas shoots. No individual kid pictures, 30 minute sessions devoted to family pictures for you to put on your Christmas cards. A tad bit cheaper than my normal prices.. haven't decided on how much yet. Hope you like the idea! I've been wracking my brain on how to get you all in next year because believe me.. I HATE turning people away! I actually have a friend that is praying for me to have the power to say no. I really want to help you all out but being with my family is a big ol' priority and my photography has been taking me away from them quite a bit lately. I am SO thankful and grateful for ya all, tho. You guys are providing for my family and I love you for it!
Be tuned to September of next year when I book for my Super Saturday of Christmas card shoots!

And PLEASE continue to book me for your 2010 shoots! I am definitely available in 2010! Remember my new rates:

$75 per family/one child shoot
$10 more per child for individual shots
$100 Engagement shots
$200 Senior pictures
$300 baby package (newborn, 3, 6, 9, 12 month shots)
Sessions include:
*photo shoot*
(within 25 mile radius, anything more extra charges apply)
*web album available for 30 days*
*CD of 20-25 images*
Thanks, all! Now that that's taken care of.. here are some recent shoots!

My gorgeous double-mint twins are back!! My gorgeous gymnastics girls. These are their fall senior pictures


Here's Niki and T.. gorgeous, gorgeous couple! Niki and I were good friends in college. (and still are!) She lives in Indy and drove up here for me to take pics.. so honored.

Here are the Steele's. Such a cute family. It was Ava's 6 month marker so we threw some family pics in there as well.

And another college friend, Wendy and her family! We had such a great time together that day.

Miss Lauren! Shelly is also a great friend that uses me for every milestone of her children's lives. Thanks so much for being so loyal, Shell! And Lauren needs to be in a magazine!!!

Another family that is so, so loyal to me.. the Clarks! This was for Lincoln turning 4 and they threw in family pictures too.. but I couldn't resist taking a picture of Lily.

I think you've seen all my recent shoots, now! Stay tuned for some more because the next few weeks are super busy!!

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