Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reason #2042 why I love having girls..

Can you say lil shoes?

These are the shoes waiting on Joya to wear. She can wear 4 pairs of the one's on the top shelf.

Ridiculous, I know.

BUT remember I'm apart of the Children's Resale and get them for dirt cheap.

But it is still kinda pathetic.

Reason #395 I (kinda) love having girls..
Yesterday after Adie woke up from her nap I surprised her with a clean room. (She took a nap on my bed because she pottied on her sheets the night before and I didn't have them dried yet) She's a BEAR when she wakes up so I took her in there and she burst into tears and said,
"I like my dollhouse messy, mommy!"
Oh geez.. the emotional drama already!
Reason # 5012 I love having girls...

You can dress them in cheerleading outfits!

Isn't her stance in the above picture hilarious!?

Daddy taught her some defensive poses.

Even though she's a half pint and probably won't be a defensive player in anything.

And you can see the funny bowed legs I mentioned in the Joya 6 month post.

Threw a pom-pom in there that's almost longer than her.

Yes, Adie has a Purdue one so it's fair.


Sorry I've been MIA with normal posts here lately! My photography has been keeping me SO BUSY that it's left barely any time to normal blog. Hope I'm not loosing readers! Hang with me..

Having a scrap day on Saturday so I'll have pages to post next week! I haven't scrapped since the last scrap day.. definately need a creative day.
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Rebekah said...

haha! love the shoes! :) and adie's dollhouse...totally cracks me up!

Nichole said...

that shoe closet is why I never find shoes at the resale....hahaha..totally bummed I am going to miss saturday...I might crash if we get done early.


Erin said...

Love all the shoes. And Joya in the cheerleader outfit. Go Buckeyes! ;)

Dina said...

Im pretty sure Joya has more shoes than me....THAT'S A LOT OF SHOES!!! I love it!! Hahahahaha