Saturday, December 05, 2009

Saturday Happenings...

Had a Saturday at home and thought I would blog about the randomness. =)

First of all.. gotta brag on my hubby for a bit. Last night he took his 3 little ladies out for dinner. Had to stop at Michael's on the way home for some paper to make the stars that I talk about later in the post. He was rushing me and driving SO FAST home. As we head back in town we stop at our pastor's house and I wonder if we are in trouble??? Nope. He had arranged for our pastor's daughter, Hannah, to babysit the girls so he could take me to a movie. We saw Blind Side and yeah.. it was amazing. The movie was amazing, the surprise was amazing and my hubby is amazing. He seriously treats me like a queen. =)
In other news, Daddy built Adie a bar!

A parallel bar, that is. =)
She LOVED this exercise at her little gymnastics class so Daddy whipped one up for her to have at home. She already got a big ol' bruise on her hip from me helping her with pull-overs.. have to say I was a bit proud by the injury. Shows a true gymnast. Every gymnasts sport big ol' bruises on their hips. Next she probably get a rip.. I will console her and then do a little happy dance inside. =)
Daddy also whipped her up a stool she she can wash her hands by herself after she takes herself to the bathroom! (That's the new fun around here)

Think I'll paint it to match the vanity front.
Finished up a page of Miss Joya Jae and all the things we call her.

LOVE that sparkle paper.. it's at Target and I was covered in sparkle after I used it. My idea of perfect.
Joya is hanging out looking all cute.

She is still waking up at 4am like clockwork. It's been MONTHS of this. Not sure what to do with her! So I feed her and she goes right back to bed. Then she doesn't nurse well the rest of the day. Ah the fun. Good thing she's so cute! Even at 4:00 in the morning...
Making a crap-ton of these stars for my MOTTT'S goodie exchange. Most make sweets but this year I felt like making a craft.

They were from Kayla's Christmas Class.. hope some of you all from my blog went over there to take it after the shout out!

They can be ornaments, mantel fun or anything else you want them to be.

I've already made 20 or so and have 40 more to go.

Stay tuned to her website because she's going to be offering different classes very soon...


Last but not least by any means.. Darin's got the sweetest gal on his track team. Alison is a junior and seriously the sweetest girl you could ever meet. Last track season she was having bad headaches and they found a tumor on her brain. Recently she's been traveling to Bloomington for treatments. It is benign and treatable but wanted to ask my blog friends to pray for her recovery. The more we have praying for this amazing gal, the better. She's Darin's best thrower in track, in every musical/play FHS produces, is a dancer and yeah.. she's just the kind of girl I hope Adie and Joya turn out to be. You can follow her dad's blog HERE for updates about her. Thanks, guys!


Kat said...

such a sweet surprise! i love it!

love adie's little bar, so cute

and joya is adorable!- loooooove your scrappy page, and jealous that you have the time! i'm hoping to scrap tonight a little bit, but we're going to be decorating for christmas,so i don't know if that will happen.......

and i'll keep allison in my thoughts xoxo

Rene said...

Wow, Darcey you know for me this hits hard. I got teas and my eyes and they began to roll down my checks. I will be following the blog and keeping her family in my prayers. Thank you

Sarah J said...

Hey Darcy! 4am is a really common time for babies to wake up to nurse. We mommas have the most milk and also the best quality milk at that time because we have been resting the whole night and our bodies have been busy producing. They get large feeds in the morning hours. And they tend to nurse longer (because there is more milk to drink, it's richer in fat, and for kids that don't nurse earlier in the night because they-like us adults-, have "fasted" during the night). During the rest of the day, milk supply drops a bit and her needs are also less b/c she got big morning feeds and she's eating food during the day I'm assuming. The more solids they eat, the less breastmilk they will consume. :)

Oh, and love your scrapbook page of knicknames for joya! we call our son "stinkpot" too! HAHA!

Aabell said...

Darcy, you are a crafter extraordinaire!!! We just bought a step stool like that at Ikea - can we come to your house for a carpentry workshop with your husband??? I LOVE the bar you built for Adie. Ayla came over to look at the picture and started yelling, "I want one! I want one!"