Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She's on the move!

Last week my 7 month old baby officially started crawling!! This is almost 2 months earlier than her sister. =/

She's still super slow.. but she gets to where she wants to be!

I caught her in action for you all to see...

She stopped when Wrigley held her up to lick her runny nose. Gross.

And the other day she pulled herself up to a stand while holding onto a toy.

Gosh. Not quite ready for that!
And since Darin's been home at 3:45 cuz he's between sports right now.. he's gotten a lot built!

Here's our new TV cabinet he made from scratch.. and designed himself...

Bought the pulls for it last night so those will go on tonight. =)

And he finished the monogram over our bed. Just in case we forget that our first names start with a "D" and our last name starts with an "H". I'm forgetful like that...

It's large and in charge but that wall is like 12 feet high so we needed something huge. I LOVE it!

New Year's week we are working on Adie's loft/house in her room so I'll show pictures then. LOVE decorating!! Almost ready to re-do the girls' bathroom because I'm running out of rooms to remodel.
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Elaine said...

I'm with ya on not being ready for the earlier milestones. Isn't it great to have a dog that likes salty things...(ie..snot)? The cabinet looks beautiful!! Something that would cost several hundred dollars at my parent's store...what a gift you have!! I like the monogram too. I've been scoping out crafty blogs to get some ideas for our bedroom...we are still without a headboard.

the swope family said...

I love the monogram idea! Looks fabulous!!

Yay for crawling! My boys always seem a bit happier once they can get to what they want!!

The Haughs said...

Wow! That cabinet is beautiful! Great job! And love the monogram, too! :)

Linz said...

can't believe she's crawlin! cute pics of her in action:) Love the new decorating and cabinet! I just want Brock to build the boys a stinkin' step stool! ha!