Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Adie's "almost"isms

My girl Adie is a bit like me.. she had phrases and words that are not quite right.. I like to refer to them as "almost-isms". The other day I realized how many she has and decided you guys need to hear them.
In the van we have a DVD system with wireless headphones she wears so that Darin and I don't have to listen to Gi-Gi and Thomas the Train every time we drive. EVERY time we get in the van Adie asks for her "ear-phones".
Not quite.. baby girl...
Anything that is remotely too tight that she wears or if I get her hair a little too tight her response is..
"it's too type mommy.. too type!"
Not quite.. Adie Grace...
Every night when daddy gets home from school they play airplane. Darin whisps her around with her arms straight out as she yells,
"No want grass daddy, no want grass!"
Which means "I don't want gas".. he plays that she runs out of "gas" and he serberts her in the belly.
Almost, Adelyn!
And she's a tad bit dyslexic like her mother as well. Walmart is never Walmart.. it's "Mall-wart".
"mommy, we need some more batteries at Mall-wart."
"I want to ride in my special cart at Mall-wart."
(not to be confused with the short bus.. she likes the cart that has a place in the front where she sits)

Man she makes me giggle!
And potty training update.. the girl poops and pees in the john! She actually takes herself to the bathroom now too! Only took about a month of taking away cartoon privledges. If she pooped in the toilet.. she got to watch.. if she missed and crapped in her panties.. no cartoons until she pooped in the toilet again. I recommend it to any mother that is at her wits end with potty training! Well, recommend it for kids that will do anything to see Mickey Mouse.
And today as I made lunch I turned around to find my nativity like this...

Obviously Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and 1/2 the livestock turned their back on the cow when he pierced his ear with the shepard's staff...

The wise men, shepard and the sheep have your back Mr. Cow.

And Joya decided she wanted to be like her big sister and got herself an ear infection too. So now the amoxocillan flows like water in our frig again. And she fell yesterday and gave herself a fat lip. The Dr. said, "Man she has Angelia Jolee lips." Nope.. just fell on a laundry basket.

She has been so fussy both day and night.. hope she starts feeling better soon!
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Jewel said...

Such cute "almost-isms!" Isn't it neat to see your child play w/the nativity & see it thru their eyes? That is such an adorable pic of Joya & NO! her lips do NOT look like Angelina's!!! Not even close! :)

Shannon said...

Hehehe this is super cute :)

Linz said...

Oh my...I think I'm gonna have to take sides with the wise men...in today's society it doesn't matter if you have an earring or not! (that was brock by the way!) We were crackin' up at that!

Elaine said...

LOL...funny! I especially like the nativity scene.

Kathryn said...

Congrats w/ the potty training! I've been tempted to try that w/ my son because he has just NOT been getting it. I know that you don't know me, but I would really covet your prayers! We're really struggling!

Amber said...

After receiving your recipe forward from a friend, I decided to glance at your blog. Your alternative cow is cracking me up! Ha! Thanks for the laugh.