Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Been scrappin'!

With this being my slow time with my photography.. I've gotten a lot of scrapping done! Thought I would share. And feel free to not leave me a comment this time. Last time I posted pages I was having a horrible, terrible day and my self esteem was lacking. I shouldn't have blogged being in such a funk mood because I read my post later and it looked like I was asking for you all to say you wanted me to post my pages. =/ Sorry if the post was a tad needy. Dont' have one of those days often but man.. it hit me that day!
Anywho.. here are my recent pages.

This year I did the traditional 4x8 picture card for our Christmas cards. I was going to do the 3rd volume of our Holsopple Herald but I was too busy taking pictures that I didn't get it in. Maybe next year?? This year I actually did a Christmas page in the (kinda) traditional colors! most of the time my Christmas pages are still in pink. That's how I roll. My girl Kayla designed the "noel" one. Love it.

And a disclaimer.. I'm sorrry that I didn't get to send out a million of these to all my friends. Hopefully you didn't get your feelings hurt if this didn't make it to your mailbox this year! Almost didn't post this page because I never, never want to hurt someone's feelings!
And.. Joya's crawl page.

This one was more simple than usual. And GOSH I am origonal with my titles! Really.. don't compliment me.. I know they are stellar and SO unpredictable! =/
Yet another original title. =)

Joya's recent new trick.. standing. Pulls herself up on everything. My favorite one is when she pulls herself up to a stand on the doggie. He (does not) loves it too.
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Shannon said...

I'm glad to see someone is scrappin', b/c I haven't since October!!! I'm really ready for our scrappin' day :)

Jewel said...

I like the picture of Wrigley in Joya's face! :) And on your Stand pg. I love how you used the string to lace. Very creative!

Nichole said...

I can't believe you have found time to scrap. THis is not somethiing i have done it quite some time. You would think I would have a ton of motivation too and I don't. My poor little girl is so far behind.

they look great. I am liking the new simplicity.

island jen said...

awwwwww...your littelest one is getting so big! love your pages darcy!