Saturday, January 02, 2010


Have some pictures from photoshoots I haven't showed you yet! I slow down in the winter because I like to do my shoots outdoors in natural light.. but I am not opposed to indoor stuff. So give me a call or shoot me an email for your appointment. =)
This is little Miss S. She's already 3 months old.. it was so fun to see her 2 big sisters interact with her.

And I can never leave their house without shooting their other 2 gorgeous girls. This is Miss A... aren't those eyes gorgeous???

And Miss M. is a big sister to 2 girls now.. she does it super well. =)

And before Christmas I shot Mr. B! He gave me a run for my money with how active he was!!!

Gotta love windows for great indoor shots. =)
And Mr. K.'s 15 month shoot. I LOVE it when mom's put their boys' hair in hawks! Makes me smile.

Again.. can't get over those eyes!!!
Thank you for a great 2009! You all kept me SO BUSY! I never could have imagined how busy you guys made me! Thank you SO MUCH for a great year! Can't wait to see what 2010 brings.

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Jewel said...

Great pics! Noticed that you didn't put full names of the that on purpose?