Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tis the season to be ridiculously busy!!!

Sorry for the lack of bloggage! We spent last week at a cabin in Michigan with Darin's family. So, so fun. And relaxing. Adie was in heaven until Friday when she came down with a cough, runny nose and fever. Poor girl didn't even want to open gifts. You know a kid is sick when gifts don't even cheer them up! Yesterday a trip to the doctor confirmed an ear infection. We are hoping Miss Joya dodges the sickies!

Here is our family picture in Michigan...

Sure didn't coordinate our outfits very well!

And lil miss Joya...

And just about EVERY picture of Adie from Christmas looks like the one below...

Closed eyes and big ol' cheesy grin.

And Joya decided to be a big girl over the Holiday's. This is her standing in her crib instead of napping and pushing around a laundry basket like a walking toy. She's getting way too big. =(

Hope you all had a great CHRISTmas! I know we did! Now on the agenda is finishing up Adie's loft-house for her room. I'll show pictures when we are finished!
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Kat said...

great pictures!
joya looks so proud in her crib!
hope adie gets better fast

ThisIsMyLife said...

glad to hear you had a great christmas! sounds wonderful to be relaxing in a cabin! can't wait to see pics of addie's loft!...i thought of you & darin yesterday as brooks & i were standing in lowes contemplating our next "project" :)

Andrew and Denise said...

No wonder you haven't called. Can't wait to see pics! LAMY!