Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Am I too late to share a V-day page?

Cuz I just whipped it up today at nap time!
The girls wore their heart attire on Valentine's Day but I forgot to take a picture. Really, I am so horrible about taking every day pictures! =/
So I whipped up a pseudo V-day page cuz I was in the mood.
All the things Adie Grace loves right now. Need to do one for Joya Jae!
You know you have a scrap problem when the ONLY TIME you bring out the iron is to iron the fabric that is going on your page..


Jewel said...

Oh my that page is absolutely beautiful! You should be proud of this one!!!

mandiegirl said...

SO sweet! :)

Kat said...

love it!!!!
you should try to do a PoTD to get more everyday pictures. if you want to have more of those that is........

oh, and i'm the same way- no iron or sewing machine unless its for my scrapbooking!

Shannon said...

Or you only want a sewing machine for scrapbooking ;) Love it!!!