Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lil Miss A...

We are doing little miss A's milestone pictures a little differently because she was a premie. So she's 8 months old and TOTALLY FULL OF SPUNK! Love taking this family's pictures... they are so loyal to me and I feel so honored that they ask again and again. =) So without furthur ado.. here is lil miss cutie-head!
Do you know how much I love it when I walk into a client's home and they have an entire room that is painted in a color that matches the child's outfit?
Total score.
AND there were two windows in the room.
Double score. =)

Her mama makes these dresses. Aren't they totally cute? The same gal made my girls' Christmas dresses as seen on the header of my blog. GO HERE to get yourself a dress!

Yet another room that matches her outfit. I can't even get over it...
And contact me for your family/kids pictures now. I have limited space available and my prime Saturday Spring dates are filling up quickly. =) Don't wait so you get that date you want!

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Jewel said...

She's a cutie! What fun pictures!