Friday, February 05, 2010

Lil' cheerleader #2...

I KNOW! The 3rd post in 3 days! Can you guys even believe it?
I am feast or famine kinda blogger.. you either get one post a week from me or 3 days in a row. =)
I know you all are wondering.. yes. Joya and Darin can do cheerleader just like he and Adie did 2 years ago.

Love that you can see her super bowed legs in that picture above. =) Just like daddy.
I keep wondering if one of my girls will be super girlie and go the cheerleader route and the other one will be a tom-boy and do all the other sports. I'm guessing Adie will be my tom-boy and Joya will be my girlie-girl.
We'll see, won't we?
And of course we're having a big ol' SuperBowl par-tay at our house on Sunday!
We've all got our outfits planned.
Because that's what matters, right?
Oh.. and that the COLT'S WIN! That matters too!!!

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Jewel said...

Cute! Does that make you nervous seeing that? I remember it did when Ben would do it to Braylon!!! Go, Colts!