Thursday, February 04, 2010

Scrap-i-ty Scrap, Scrap!

Had a scrap day last Saturday and got a few pages done.. I whipped up Joy's tu-tu and headband used in her 9 month pictures so that took some time.
Here are my most recent pages!
Matt & Chelsey's wedding page. Super fun to do brown and orange. Fit a crap ton of pictures on there too.

Here's our family Christmas page. Again, got a ton of pictures on there!
A joint bath page. Love the new BG paper...

My silly Joya Jae when she found Adie's candy neclace. =) Simple but fun!

Man, Joya's name suites her so well! She is such a fun little lady!


Jewel said...

Awesome pages! I am totally impressed w/how many pics you got on your Christmas page. WOW! Looks great!

Elaine said...

Hey I was wondering where you get your hats for the girls? Are they crocheted? I can crochet but haven't found a pattern that I want to use. They are so cute.

ThisIsMyLife said...

did you print smaller pics? is that how you got so many on a page? just curious :) love looking at your pages!