Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Questions Part 1

You guys rock. I got some AMAZING questions through the comments, facebook and email.
Adie helped me draw a winner...

drum roll please....


She sent me an email so I will email you back so we can talk about what you'd like to win. =)

And Joya wanted to help... instead she just stood there and looked cute...of course jibbering and trying to eat the slips of paper. Don't worry, you all were fairly represented. =)

Since I got quite a few questions I decided to split them up and blog them the next few days. The categories will be time management, sewing, scrapbooking, photography, random schtuff and my walk with JC (Jesus Christ). So without further ado.. today I will answer the time management questions!

You all seem to think I get a crap ton of stuff done! HA! I have you fooled. Well, kinda. =) I do get quite a bit done but it’s because I take my stay-at-home-mom job very seriously. I won’t lie to you and tell you that sometimes I would much rather go down in the basement and sew or scrap instead of read “DW goes to Preschool” for the 5th time that day. I’ll first show you our typical schedule then answer the “how do you get some much done” questions. I am not an anal person by nature, but man I am quite a creature of habit and a scheduler with me and my little ladies!

Here’s two questions that will hopefully be answered by my below schedule:
Mindy said…
My question is how do you find the time for everything that you do?
Kim said…
How do you have time to scrapbook? Do you try to make time every day? Do you do it when your girls are sleeping? What is your trick? I can't seem to get anything done.

6-6:30am – my girls wake up. They sit with daddy at the kitchen table until 6:45-7-ish when he then brings them into our bed where I am still sleeping. Yes, Darin gets the girls up and they sit with him while he lets me catch extra Z’s. He’s a saint, I tell ya! I nurse Joya in bed while Aide watches cartoons.
7am – Adie, Joya and mommy get some breakfast. I always eat oatmeal, Adie always eats 1 egg with cheese on it and some apple juice. One might think that she gets her monotonous breakfast habit from me? The jury is still out...
7:30-9am – Adie and Joya play. I do dishes, clean up around the house, sweep, do laundry, clean bathrooms, etc. I get A LOT done during this time. I am seriously running around like a mad woman.
9am – Joya goes down for her morning nap and Adie and I head to the basement and she watches Dora while I exercise. I get my exercising and my shower done in about an hour.
10-11am – answer emails, facebook, play with Adie, start dinner (if it’s a casserole or goes in the crock pot)
11am-ish – Joya wakes up. Adie watches Caliou. I hate that kid. (not Adie.. Caliou!!!) Adie loves him. Ah... the cartoon sacrifice. At least it’s not Sponge Bob. So far Adie doesn’t know Sponge Bob exists and that’s okay with me. Joya drinks a bottle and I start lunch.
11:30am – Lunch. Adie even knows to turn off the TV right after Caliou and comes to the table. =) Joya eats some solids.
Noon-1pm – We ALWAYS play in Adie’s room during this time. Don’t know why, just always do! When it gets nice out I’m sure we’ll move our playing outdoors. =)
1pm – Adie goes down for her nap.
1:30 – Joya goes down for her afternoon nap.
1:30-4pm-ish – The girls sleep while mommy plays!!! I email, edit pictures, scrapbook, blog, sew, etc. My goal every day is to have nap time be the time where I can kinda do what I want to do. And if I’m around a TV from 2-3pm, Days or Our Lives is on. Yep. Total confession to you, blog friends. Guilty pleasure of mine. =/ My sister watches too! Might as well rat her out while I'm at it. =)
4pm – Joya nurses. Adie gets milk for a snack.
4-5pm – We play and wait for daddy to get home.
5pm – Daddy gets home! Right now... track meets will start up soon and Tues, Thursday’s and Saturday’s he’ll be gone late at meets.
5:30pm – Dinner
6-8pm – Play with daddy, go support games at daddy’s high school, go to the library, take walks when it’s nice out, etc. If we are home Adie ALWAYS asks to watch “The Funny Show” aka America’s Funniest Home Videos at 7pm. After EVERY video she asks, “What just happened?” And then we proceed to explain why the video was funny. I am really not kidding when I say every video.
8pm – Joya and Adie go to bed. We are pretty big sticklers about bedtime. Darin and I want some alone time and I’m ready for the house to be quiet since I’ve been with them all day. We also “cry it out” with the girls. (we were/are big on BabyWise philosophy) There is no rocking-to-sleep or bed-time game playing. The benefit is that the girls have learned to go to bed super quick and on their own!
8-10pm – Darin and I watch tv, read/look at magazines, email, make phone calls, talk, married people things, etc. Hey, the Lord thinks sex is pretty awesome in marriage! (hope you aren't blushing too much, dad!)
10pm – bed time. =)

Here’s two more questions about time management that may not have gotten answered in my schedule.

Kat said...
how often do you scrap, and how do you find time??
I scrap during my girls’ afternoon nap time. Prolly only get to do it 1-2 times a week. If you noticed, I don’t show you many pages when photography season is in full swing. (When it’s nice outside in Indiana… April thru October-ish.) Then I use the girls’ nap time to edit pictures. =) oh... and I usually get 5-6 pages done at my quarterly scrap day I host in my basement.

Jen K said...
How do you find time in life to be a mommy, wife, scrapbooker, photographer? Do you ever sleep? Or just lay on the couch and do nothing?!?
I don’t really sit still during the day. Usually the only time I’m sitting is if I’m at the computer! And I do everything super fast... I’m a high paced gal and kinda like a fart in a skillet with most things. Even when I read books I sometimes skim the "detail" crap and get to the talking part. And slow people drive me batty. And yeah… I sleep at least 8+ hours a night or I am not a fun person to be around. I get emotional and yawn a lot. I actually don’t do much creating of anything when Darin’s home. I also try not to edit pictures when he’s home. He doesn't bring his work home so I try not to either. This might mean my customers get their pictures a day later but its how I’ve chosen to manage my time with my family. And yeah... every once in awhile I lay on the couch and do nothing but it’s usually only when my shows are on at night time after the girls are in bed or on Sunday afternoons.

K, that's all the answered questions for today!

And if you have questions about the questions that I answered, please ask me a question about the answer. Um, that was a confusing sentance!!

Thanks again for asking me stuff, guys. And my hope is that none of you get this opinion of me that I am wonder woman, that I think I'm cooler than I actually am or think I'm a super amazing Christian.. I have SO MANY faults! Too many to count, actually. Hopefully some of the answers to my questions might help you organize your time, inspire you to scrap, take a few more pictures of your loved ones and maybe, just maybe I can give Jesus the glory and honor for being the center of my life. =) He truly has given us a blessed life. =) So yeah, hope you know that my heart isn't to brag but to show you how I go about this thing I call LIFE!!!


Jen Allen said...

I love that you chose to answer this questions because it was the question I wanted to ask when I read your blog, but Gabriel was not about to let me put him down for some two-handed typing : ) I am such a schedule person, but Gabriel is still working on a schedule of his own. I have been thinking that we are going to HAVE to implement something soon because I need to direct Alexander or he gets nutty. Right now I have more of a "flow of the day" rather than a time schedule. Tim always says he is amazed at how I get sooo much done in a day and I remind him it is because I am rarely ever sitting. This is also how I manage to lose baby weight so fast! If I want to watch a TV show I DVR it (a real blessing!) and have it on in the background while I do house work or catch up on the computer (like right now!).

Shannon said...

I love this :) It is inspiring for me! Hugs.

beachy keen girl said...

Love that you called yourself a fart in a skillet - totally reminds me of Erin ;) And Caliou! I can't stand that kid either -- whiniest cartoon eva!

Emily Woodring said...

You inspire me Darcy!! I'm glad to hear that someone else has a guilty pleasure of watching Days :)

Jessica said...

Hi, you don't know me and I don't know you, but we do know some of the same people-I belong to the Bender's :), and you'll be taking our family pictures in the fall I think. So I thought I'd stop by and say hi. Look forward to meeting you in person when you take our pictures :)

JAMES & SUSAN said...

I have Elise on a pretty good schedule right now too- but I've been giving in sometimes at night and going in and rocking her. She's started to roll over on her belly in the middle of the night and it FREAKS ME OUT!!!!!

I can usually tell when she flips over to her belly because she cries differently. Did you ever have this problem? Did you still just the let the girls cry it out or did you go in and flip them over??

Anonymous said...

Could you talk a little bit more on the crying method. At what age did you do that? How long did you let them cry?

Jamie Lyn said...

Hi, Darcy. :) I've been lurking for years and have only commented a couple of times, but I still enjoy reading your blog! A couple of questions I have after seeing your schedule: do you try to have a "quiet time" every day, and if so, when? And during the time in the morning when you are cleaning like a mad woman, do your girls play on their own (actually giving you time to get stuff done around the house), or do you have to stop a lot and direct them? Now that my older child is in school, I end up letting my two-year-old watch more tv than she should because I can't seem to get her to play on her own when I need to clean, cook, etc. After six years of this stay-at-home mama thing, those are two areas where I still haven't found something that works consistently for our family. I'm definitely interested in hearing how other people "do" it.