Thursday, February 25, 2010

Questions Answered Part 2

Here are the questions regarding my sewing projects. =)

mandiegirl said...
How long have you been sewing for?

Learned how to sew the uggliest shorts you've ever seen in middle school home ec and have been sewing ever since! I didn’t sew much through high school and college but right after mom died I tackled the biggest project to date… I made tailored couch covers. (the green couches that used to be in our living room before we got the “l” shaped flew-out-of-the-truck couch.) I had inherited my mom’s sewing machine and it was very healing for me to do such a big project after she passed. I remember crying when the thread on my bobbin ran out and I didn’t remember how to re-thread it. I just wanted to call mom and I couldn’t call her. Needless to say I figured it out and have been sewing every since!

Jewel said...
Wow, have you ever done a quilt before???

Um, NO! And I really do suck at it. My squares aren’t equal at all and I eyed the layout... didn’t have any rhyme or reason of where anything went! I am SO not a perfectionist… just wanted a new springy blanket for picture takin’. =) And wanted to see if I could quilt!

Dina said...
Ummm.....I can't think of any questions for you. Oh, wait! Would you like to make some pillow cases for my big floor pillows in my classroom?

Um.. YES I WILL!!! But only it if means that we can do a shopping trip together. =) (this is one of my old room-dog's that I lived with post college. AND she had the privelege of going to high school with me. HA!)

Bobbie said...
My question is....when did the 70's become "vintage"! Oh, makes me old! Love you!

I called it vintage because it's seriously old school. It's a ton of gingam and has a 70's flower power fabric in there too. wait til you see it! =)

Elaine said...
My question for you: have you ever thought about selling the stuff you sew?

I’ve sold a few hooter-hider’s and have made a few diaper clutches for baby showers. And one time I made a blanket for my best friend and we swapped out a year of free hair coloring. =) But other than that, no, I haven’t thought too much about selling the stuff I sell. My photography keeps me busy enough! And like I’ve said.. I’m SO not a perfectionist and if I sold my sewing projects you all would see how unperfect the stuff I make is! HA!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's questions about my crap-booking. =)

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Dina said...

I'm game for a dina/dace date any time! It would be super great!!!! I really miss you and we have lots to catch up on since the roomie dinner. Love you