Thursday, May 06, 2010

Annuals, sman-nuals...

It's that time of year!
LOVE getting annuals at our local amish nursery. Those amish know how to cook up some plants. It's like pure heaven walking through the isles and isles of gorgeousness. Darin took a personal day yesterday and re-did our deck so mama got to go to the greenhouse girl-less! Again, more heavenness. =) I could gawk without being on mega mama alert for the girl to start playing in the dirt and the baby to eat dirt.
And the little amish gal probably thought I was some city proper chick when I asked said,
"I want some compost.. what is the difference between the horse compost and the duck compost?"
To which she replied,
"One is horses poop and the other is duck poop."
Thank you, thank you captain amish obvious...
Man, I could spent hundreds of dollars on annuals but let's face it.. they die.
And let's really face it, come August I'll be sick of watering them and then they'll die sooner than they really should. =/
But wanted to show you the columns my hubby made for me to go by our front door and our side door...

A big shout out to Walmart for having the exact color of green pots that match our siding. Pretty sure they knew the color of siding we had when they created them becuase they match PERFECTLY!

And had him made me one for the side porch by the rocking chairs we never sit on... By show of hands, who thinks they need to be tan like our trim? I do, I do!

And who wants to come and paint them for me?

Not it. =/

Decked out our front planter...

And these are going in the planter Darin's building for me in the new deck... Gerbera's... our wedding flower...LOVE THEM!

And I've mentioned the deck that we just re-did, right? Wanna know what we found when we took up our first deck board? Yep.

4 kittens.

All of them have scedaddled cept one, Mr. Meow face.

And after my pleads on Facebook for someone to please come and get this cute kitten, 94.8% of my facebook friends agree that kittens are awesome and cute, cats? Not so much.

And there is a certain someone who is getting rather attached.. As is the kitty to her...

Joya just likes to pick it up by it's tail.

Every day Adie runs out to the shed and says,

"Kitty, I've missed you!"

Cept for yesterday when she came inside crying (it was a no nap day) saying she was done playing with the kitty. I asked her why and she said,

"the kitty is not obeying me!"

Ha! Funny how the roles changed!

So please.. either come and take this kitten or pray that it runs away because it's driving the dog (and mommy) nuts. =/


Now go out and buy your annuals and pray it doesn't frost so they don't die! Cuz they'll die in August and that will be here soon enough. And someone come and get Mr. Meow Face kitty!


Jewel said...

I just love how your type & how your sense of humor comes thru your posts. You just know how to type to make it sound so funny! :)

Jill said...

Gerberas were our wedding flowers too Darcy... red, yellow and orange. They are one of my very favorites! Your annuals look great. And I love kittens/cats but don't think we're ready for a pet yet (not to mention Eben would most likely not be pleased.) :) Hope you can find someone to take him soon.

Sarah said...

Gerberas were mine too :-) So popular because they're BEAUTIFUL!! I just ordered some annuals from a girlfriend of mine and I can't WAIT to get my hands dirty! I'm pretty awful at keeping plants and flowers alive though so we'll see how this year goes...

How about I'll take your kitty for a few weeks if you keep my dog for a few weeks. We got her a few months ago [a four year old stray lab] and we haven't had the extra money to get her fixed and she went into heat last night! AGH! I'm going crazy over here!

Jill said...

P.S. Just thought of this... did you know gerberas can grow as perennials? At least, they did where we used to live. Granted, it was a few hrs south of here, but it's worth giving it a whirl! :)

a.tonagel said...

Hilarious! I can totally picture this conversation between you and the little amish gal. so funny!
where do you buy your flowers? do tell! I need to get busy and plant a few.

Myra said...

I love the purple on your doors!!!

ThisIsMyLife said...

i love reading your are a great storyteller! :)

Krista said...

darcy...we were planning on getting a cat from the shelter. i'll take it if you really want to get rid of it and adie will let you get rid of it. :) just let me know!

Krista Balke (Petty)

Aabell said...

Keep the kitten AND the annuals! Your dog will get over it, and cats really are low maintenance. Ayla got a kitten when she was younger than Adie and their relationship is so sweet. The cat sits with us for story time and will let her abuse him to no end - no scratches ever!